Friday, May 14, 2010

The Zoo, The Morgans, Parks, And fishing.

This is my little group I had to watch at the zoo. Angel, Brooke, and Kemper. I went as a volunteer to the Zoo with Kempers school. It was really fun, but soooo cold that day for some reason.
Chad met us down there, with Grant and his boys too. It was great to have them there, and he helped me with Andi, who really loved it.
Eating lunch with his classmates
They even gave Andi a lunch!
The Monkeys were putting on a show for us.
digging up a dinosaur
Grant strking a serious pose under the giraff slide. He is such a big dork :) but that is part of his charm.
Grant and Shalie hanging out with us at Planet Kid while the kids had a blast.
We sat a played card games for hours while the kids ran around. It was so fun to hang out with the Morgans. I love it when they come to Boise. And I keep trying to convince them to move here!
Their little girl Kenley. She is such a good baby. She sat and watched us play cards the whole time.
Kemper, Kade, and Chase. Peace and love, boys.
I took the kids to the pet Expo. It was great to see all the different animals.
Andi and McKayla at the expo. Some cousins from Utah came down for the weekend.
Megan and Emma at Gmas house.
I just love that she is smiling for the camera now!
Some of the boys in the hot
Chad and I took the kids fishing. And by the pond was a great park. So Andi and I had lots of fun here while the boys were playing with worms.
Riding the camel
Still smilling :)
My little fisherman
This is how Andi tries to fish
We got a new camera and Chad finally showed me how to get the pictures of it and onto the blog. So I am playing catch up with this post! I still have more pictures I need to blog. We have been having good times around here. And we love having Chad around 4 days in a row every week. It has been awesome.