Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fun times on Dad's days off

                             Kemper with his bb gun, and Andi, are excited to be Quail hunting.      
                                                              My little girl is quite the hiker
We had a long 4-wheeler ride on the way up, so we strapped the dog in her crate so she could go with us.

Feeling a little drafty??

In deep concentration. It is serious stuff

Luckily Andi has shown no interest in guns, yet. 

Coming back empty handed. So sad! The quails up there live to see another day.

Kemp and Andi with their first pumpkins of the season. And yes, I did those awesome faces on them all by myself.

 the rope chair on a trip to the Discovery Center

Andi needed a little help from Dad

I just love my 2 kids

They have a grocery store there, it is really cute. Andi could have spent hours in there.

Kemp loved it too
Trying out the bed of nails

Those red marks are from her goggles. We finished our weekend at the YMCA for a little swimming. The Fizers came with us, and it was really fun. But this is the only picture I got there.

We like to pack alot of fun stuff in on Chad's 4 days off, and Kemp had a couple days off from school, so it was perfect timing. We always find lots to do, and we have a great time as a family.  The fall is perfect weather so we will be doing more 4-wheeler rides before it gets too cold, and probably some fishing of course!