Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The Marriot Resort. Our home for a week!
Chris and Krisssy

Bruce, and Chad at the Fia Fia dinner.

The Boys
Me and my Cheese ball on a boat, going snorkeling

On the Arizona at Pearl Harbor

Last week we were in Hawaii, and it was so amazing! We went with Chad's dad Bruce, and Chad's sister Krissy and her husband Chris. It was beautiful there and we had fun. We went and saw Pearl Harbor, went snorkeling, went to North Shore, we went to the Fia Fia show, which is like a condensed version on the Polosisian Cultaral Center (no idea how to spell that) We hung on the beach alot, and went shopping of course. They had a beautiful running path along the beach in front of the resort. We took a lot of pictures, I probably should have just done a slide show for my post. The best part was being with my best friend, and he is sexy! We have had some great trips together. The Chris's and Bruce were a blast too of course. Chad and I were both ready to get home to our kids, we tried to get both of them out of bed, but they were'nt having it. I was so worried about leaving my little girl, and I am not sure she even noticed I was gone!! It was way harder on me to be away from my kids, then the other way around. Wich is a good thing, and they had tons of love and fun while we were gone. Now that I was in that hot weather, I am ready for summer.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

So long Idaho!! For a week, anyway.

We are of to Hawaii today. I am excited, it is cold and windy here in Boise. And it is supposed to be cold all next week here. So my fellow friends in Boise don't hate me too much when I am soaking up the sun on the beach. :) I am really nervous about leaving my girl. She is so little and tender. I know my sister and mom will do a fabulous job though. Kemper can't wait for us to leave so he can stay with our freinds and family. I will have pics to share in a week or so, Aloha!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My boys love their guns, even paintball ones!!

Chad went Paintballing with some guys over the weekend, and Kemper wanted to go so bad. Of course he didn't go, but Chad promised they could shoot some paintballs when he got home. That was all Kemper could talk about all day. What is it with boys and shooting guns? Granted the chances of Kemp loving guns with Chad for a dad are very, very high, but I swear it is in boy DNA or something. I am cool with it as long as he learns how to be safe and respectful of guns, doesn't shoot birds, or other defenseless animals, and the guns stay locked in a secure place, like Chads gun safe. It was great to watch Kemp and my husband in their element, and Kemper even got excited to wash off the slide when they were done. I wonder if Andie will be shooting with them in a few years, we will have to wait and see.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Daddy and Daughter

Chad holding Andie while Kemp rode his bike. Notice his big helmet!
Hangin out after Dad got of work

I got some cute pics of Pandi (her nickname, and pretty much what we call her) and Chad. He is seriously so cute with her. If you know Chad he is pretty mellow and laid back, to say the least. So it is so fun to see him go to extremes to get her to laugh, or smile. She melts both of our hearts. And we have the sweetest almost 4 year old. He is always making sure his sister is okay, and happy. No one can get her to laugh like her brother can, thats for sure.

Thanks Jessica!

Last night I pretty much destroyed my blog, or so I thought. My friend Jessica got on her computer with my password and fixed everything. I think she is a genius! So the disaster is over. I am not sure about all the cool blog backrounds. I need to learn how to change them without ruining, or erasing a bunch of stuff. Anyway thanks again Jess, love ya tons.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blog Disaster!!

So I went to change my template and I have no idea what I did but it screwed everything up! I lost my playlist, my pictures on the side bar. I am so bugged. I will have to fix it all tomarrow. I lost all my blog adressed too. Hopefully I can find them all again. I am so lame!!!!

Chucky Cheese

Last night all the husbands went to Preisthood session, so me and my kids, Amy one of my sister in laws with her 4 kids, and my mom went to Chucky Cheese so the kids could play. Everyone had fun, and nobody was scared of Chucky! Usually one of the kids is crying because of him. I only got a few pictures and lately Kemp is doing this thing when I take pictures he won't do a normal smile. Does that make sense? It is strange. I know it sounds lame, but he has the cutest smile, and he like forgets how he smiles when the camera is out. I am sure most kids go through the weird smilling phase. Or maybe I am the weird one, it is possible. His yearly pics are coming soon so hopefully he gets his original cheese back for those pictures. Anyway it was great, I took the kids to the Gages after and put them to bed there. The boys came home and we hung out till late and watched Hot Rod. (a classic) Emily and Bretts house is awesome, and there is so much room to lay all the kids down.