Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Halloween houses and our final swim at Grandmas for the year

Andi pretty much just ate all the stuff that was supposed to go on her house
So delicious
Kemp was pretty proud of his house
Shaylan, Grandma, and Emma

My sister Kami with her girls, Charlie and Emmerson
The boys spitting water at me
They almost got me here :)
My Dad and Rick on the left, Kip and my husband on the right. Chad and Kip are undefeated at the water Volleyball!
My husband showing some of his sweet skills
Andi eating dinner
My newest niece Nora (aka baby girl)
She is so adorable, she is one of those happy babies you just never want to put down!
My parents are so great. They are so involved with the Grandkids, I feel so blessed my kids have them in their lives. My Mom went and bought all this great stuff to make Halloween houses, we all sat around and made them, the kids were in heaven! We had dinner and went swimming too before they have the pool closed for the winter. It was a great time, and something my kids will always remember, so thank you Mom and Dad.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Marathon Weekend 2009

Chad and Andi on the Carousel. She is actually smiling for the camera, that is how much she loved it.
On the boat ride. It took her a few minutes to like this ride
Dad, Andi, and Kemper looking at the fish while we rode on the train
Kemp went on all the little(baby) rides, as he likes to call them, with Andi. He is such a good big brother
This was cracking me up. She looks so terrified, but I promise after the first loop around she was loving it.
What could be more exciting for my boys?!
Jim, Kip, Tom, Emily M, Cara, Emily G, and me. At our Hotel at 4:50 am (crazy early right?!) This year was such a blast, there were so many of us at the hotel. We all walked to the buses together after we took this picture. Thanks Jess and Amy for waking up and taking pictures for us! Taking one for the team for sure :)
Me and my sis in law Emily. It was so great to have her with me this year running it for her first time. She rocked it too.
Amy took this picture at mile 25. Chad met me and ran the last mile with me, so sweet of him. I kept telling him........talk, tell me something interesting to keep my mind of the pain! He is in the orange shirt. I had to laugh when I turned the corner and saw him waiting there to run with me, and he was wearing his regular clothes!
Me with my kids after the race.
Me and Kip. I owe this crazy marathon running to him! :)
Cara, Emily, me, and Kip, showing of our metals
Most of the group, we couldn't find Jim and Emily for this final picture! I must think I look pretty cool in those sun glasses since I never took them off!

We had a great weekend with family and friends in Logan for the Top Of Utah Marathon. It was definatly my best marathon yet. 10 miutes faster than my marathon last year. I felt really great for this one too, and I know I could have cut another 10 minutes of my time, and I will be looking forward to trying that next time. And I won't forget to wear my GPS next marathon! Not knowing my time made me too ignorant on the pace I should have been keeping.
Everyone did so great. We had 3 virgin marathoners this year!! They all reached their goals, and did so amazing! My sis in law Emily had just had a baby like 7 months ago for crying out loud! And Tom, a friend of ours ran almost the whole thing with a torn calf muscle. Cara did great too, and she never even ran longer than 17 miles before the marathon. It just makes me so proud of my little virgins!! HA HA :)
Chad and I took our kids to Lagoon too. The kids had a blast. Kemper was able to ride almost all of the rides this year, and Andi got a little braver as the day went on. We also went to IKEA before we headed home. We bought Kemper a bunk bed. Although, I could have gotten soooo much more. That store is freaking amazing, and a part of me wishes I would have never gone in there. Cause now I know how much stuff they have that I want!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The final days of summer

Most of our Book club, here at the Curtis Labor day bash
Bad picture with the sun I know, sorry we can see your hot face Chris!
Emily and Reese
Don't you love this candid shot of Teyan?! The guy knows how to barbeque, thats for sureOne of the cutest babies you will ever see, little Ethan.
Alisha, taking pictures of Ethan
Mark and Michelle
Andi and her future husband Shaydon..........it could happen!
these two were together the whole time
Kemper pushing his future wife Avry on the swings, okay I will stop now!!

Kemper at his teams soccer practice
Kemp at Grandmas pool
Andi with her dad
He is such a great dad, even if he teases her alot!
Having a blast with Dad, sometimes at Grandmas pool putting a suit on her is just more of a hassel!
Andi, ready to drive the Gerratts boat.

brother, stealing a kiss
Kemper getting ready to go surfing again with Scott
Scott took Shaydon on the surf board for the first time. He did really great once he got the hang of it.
Some beach time

BFFs Andi and Shaydon
We had a great time boating again with Scott, Sommers, and Shaydon.

This Summer has been great, I am sad to see it end. But fall is so fun with Halloween, and all the Holidays. So we will say goodbye till next year summer!