Monday, September 29, 2008

Family pictures

Here are just a few of the pictures we had taken a couple weeks ago in Hyde Park, I will have to post more when I get them. A friend of the family, Brooke Mack took them, and I think she is great. The kids did awesome, and Chad too, taking pictures is not his thing really. I am sure most guys feel the same. Chad is always saying he likes the candid shots better though, now I have to try to only choose a few, which is going to be hard when I love so many of them. The one with Andie and Chad is priceless I think, she got so many great candid shots. I never realized how great candid shots really are, I am definatly convinced now.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our weekend at the Marathon, and at Lagoon

Me and Kip at 5:00 am, Jess was awake and waiting, so sweet. She took pictures before we headed to the buses that would take us up the mountain to start our painful, but rewarding day!
Not the best pic of me, but its just as I cross the line, so thats kinda cool
I am so excited to be done!
Kip crossing the finish line, way to go bro!
I love this picture of my other brother Kyle, and Andie
Kip and I showing of our metals!
It looks crazy, but this ice cold ditch felt great
The catan game, the night after the Marathon
My brother Kip with his girls Emma and Shaylan
Me and my boy on the train
Kemper and Chad getting wet on the Log ride
Kemper trying to keep his arms up the whole ride
Chad and Kemp

After the Marathon, my parents took Andie home with them and Chad and I headed to Lagoon for the day with Kemper. It was so much fun. Every ride that he was tall enough for he had to go on. The kid had no fear at all, it was an action packed day. It will be fun to take Andie next year too, but it was great for Kemp to have Mom and Dad to himself I think. He even got stung by a bee on our way in, but that didn't stop him from having a blast. We rode rides, ate the classic amusement park food, Chad even won us some stuffed animals. It was a perfect end to a great weekend.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

An exciting weekend

Yesterday I ran the Top Of Utah marathon in Logan. It was a great experience, even though around mile 18 I swore this was my last marathon, which of course it won't be.  I am happy about my time of 4:28, mainly because I hadn't trained as hard this year.  My brother Kip hardly trained at all and he came in just under 4 hours. So not fair. It was a great feeling at mile 24 seeing my sister in law Amy, she ran the last 2 mile with me!  She was so cute, asking me about movies, and my kids, trying to distract me from the burning in my legs.  It was a different running it alone, Kip took of in the first mile, usually there is a big group of us.  My Ipod was great though, how did we ever survive with just walkmans?  I did see a friend from highschool, which was fun. I can't wait to hear how she liked the TOU.  I am still in Utah, but I will post some fun pictures of the weekend on wednesday.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some of the good times we have had lately.

Kemper's big catch!
My boys love to fish
Andie hangin with Pepsi at the Boise River
My first time water skiing in a couple years
Kemp in the truck, excited to go boating
Andie, me and Chad. Our friends Teyan and Jess were there too.
Kemp going for a swim
She was not loving that life jacket
Memory, Mackenzie, Kodi, and Jennie at Kenz and Kodi's baptism. My nephew Mcay also got baptised but I forgot my camera, I stole these pics from my sis-in-law Krissy.
Me and Andie at Great Grandma Carlson's 80th B-day party.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

still no internet!

I am having Bogging withdrawls. I don't know if I have spelled that right! We should be getting our internet hooked up tomorrow, quest is seriously lame. We have been having fun though. We have been boating, having b-day parties, barbeques in the park. I ran almost 22 miles saturday, in preparation for the top of utah marathon, in 2 weeks. I feel like I am ready, but it won't be my best time ever. The summer got away from me, and I wasn't able to train like I wanted too. It will still be great though! So we are busy, I just can't post pics yet. So I hope people survive till I have new pics up! Kidding, like anyone even notices. :)