Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Sunday

I love Easter sunday. It is so great to go to Church and hear all the talks and lessons on the Savior and the Ressurection. And everyone has such cute Easter clothes. We had Grant and Shalie with their two boys stay with us. Wich is so awesome cause we love hanging out with them, they are so fun. And we got them hooked on Prison Break. So we actually made their lives better!! I mean, who doesn't love a little Wentworth Miller, sooo fine. ( He is the Main actor on the show, in case you arent blessed enough to have seen it yet.) And to top it of there is always a great Easter dinner to go to, with more treats for the kids after. Like they need anymore, though. I hope everyone had a great holiday this year.

Easter Egg Hunt

Every year we take Kemper to a huge easter egg hunt at a park. I had to work this year, but Chad took Kemper, and met his sister Jennie, with her 3 girls, and Memory with her 4 kids. They had a blast, and Kemper is so proud of all his easter candy. I am excited to take Andie next year too.

Zach and Dixie Hessing

Chads younger brother Zach just got married this past weekend. His new wifes name is Dixie. She is totally sweet, and beautiful. They got married in the Rexburg temple, so we all got in our cars and drove up. The Rexburg temple is huge, and gorgeous. This last picture is of the older neices and her outside the temple, it was so windy. I think they were all a little miserable!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Andie + Shaydon

I have been doing a playgroup/swap with my friend Sommers and her cute little boy Shaydon. It has been great. We joke around that we can use these pictures when they fall in love and get married! You never know. She sent me some pictures of their recent playdates and I thought I would post them.

Friday, March 14, 2008

A Fine Frenzy

I don't really have any new pictures to post, so I fgured I would blog about my favorite new singer. I have a couple of her songs on my playlist. She is so talented, her voice and music are hypnotic. My absolute favorites are Almost Lover and Near To You. They are all good though. I have a few of her best songs on my ipod and Chad is always asking to listen to her. His favorites are You Picked Me, and Almost Lover. So if you are curious, Google A Fine Frenzy or her name, Alison Sudol. You will be hooked too.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My new job

I started work at Golds Gym this past weekend. I work in the Kids Club, and its great cause I can take my kids, get a free membership, 20 % of tanning, and other stuff. I just really wanted some extra cash of my own, so this job will be perfect for that. Kemper loves going to work with mom. He has always been great about going to the daycare at Idaho Athletic, so this isn't really a big adjustment for him. Golds is such a great gym, but I will miss some of the people at Idaho Athletic for sure. Anyway we will see how it goes. At least I won't be bugging Chad for extra spending money, if you know Chad it is not an easy task!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Bear Lake Weekend

Me, Emily, and Shalie
Brett, Grant and Chad. They tried hard to look this awesome! Nice hat Grant.
Andie after her bath
Me and my man, he is like trying to tackle me, or somethin.
Grant and Shalie
Brett and Emily. Brett looks really happy in this picture!

Kade, and Kemper.

Chad and Kemp, getting ready to go sledding.

My girl, and me.
Smitty, (aka Brett) making us breakfast.

This weekend our family, and the Brett, Emily, Eli Gage Family, met Grant and Shalie, with their two kids Kade and Chase, in logan Utah, then we headed up to Shalies family cabin for a weekend of fun. That was definatly a run on sentence huh? Anyway it was great. So fun to see Grant and Shalie, cause we don't get to see them as much as we would like. And the Gages are always a good time! Kemper and Kade are best little buds, and the other kids all got along so well. We ate lots of good food, we played some games. We totally creamed the guys in cranium, we rocked that girls! We had lots of hilarious conversations, and of course sledding. The weekend was too short of course and we are back to the grind. I know there will be more fun trips in the near future though.