Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saying goodbye to preschool....till next fall anyways!

 Heather is giving Andi her Smiles for Miles award.
 The 4 kids wearing the hats are the ones that are graduating so they won't be coming back in the fall
 I love that she has been teaching them the Pledge every day. It was so cute to hear them recite it
Chad had to work so Kemper came with me to cheer her on.

It is sad to say goodbye to a great preschool 3 times a week, but summer is almost here.  I never thought I would do a home preschool, and I really, really never thought I would love it so much. Andi had such a great year at Heathers Feathers. Heather is amazing. She got her teaching degree but she just loves teaching younger children in her home. Andi learned so much, and she just blossomed socially. I knew there is no where else I would want to put Andi next year. So we will be excited to start again in the fall!

Last field trip of the year to the discovery Center

 Andi and her preschool class and Miss Heather, stoping for a picture in between seeing all the amazing nature!
 I thought this was so cute!! They all just started holding hands on the way in
 Listening to the presentation

 Look! We are owls Mom!

Andi getting ready to go to school with her queen for the day poster. Her teacher Miss Heather makes their birthday really special this way.

First fishing trip of the year!

 Dinner time, and taking a break from fishing
 She is a natural with that fishing pole!
 Kemp is so good he does not even need to stand up ;)

 You can always tell when my husband has had the kids for a few hours! Andi looks a little homeless!
Not the best picture of my little Andi, but I just loved that Chad took a picture of the two of them together. I could not go because I had to work.

We are definatly a family that loves to fish. And as soon as it was warm enough to stand it, Chad took our two older kids with him fishing. They had a great time, even if the fish didn't bite that afternoon.


I only took like one picture with the kids in their easter clothes! It is the first picture I have of the three of them. That is pretty sad!