Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting bigger every day!

 Chad thought this was a brilliant idea bathing Bridge in a pot!  It was pretty cute, and he loved it.

 They are going to be best buds even if they are 6 years apart!!
 Kemper got student of the month for his grade so we went to a breakfast at his school. He loved having his little sister there to congratulate him.
 Bonding time with sister and Dad.

 I just don't know where he got those lips!
 In the early morning hours we sometimes bring Bridger in the bed with us, as you can see like father like son
 He has been really loving bathtime.  He would stay in forever if I let him.

We have been adjusting to big changes at our house. Bridger is 5 weeks, and  he and I are really starting to figure each other out. I will confess I have never been great with newborns, in fact I will freely admit I am not that much of  a baby person. But I have tried to just take a breath and enjoy even the hardest days. He really is a great baby, and now that I am getting more sleep, I can see that even more. There were a couple weeks he would not nap, and seemed to be fussy all the time. I decided to turn him onto his belly to see if he would nap. It was a turning point for sure. He loves his tummy, and its the only way he will sleep.  I find myself checking on him alot since they say they should not sleep on thier tummys. But I say, if thats the only way the kids will sleep.....and our mothers did it that way right! :) He naps like a champ now. And he is already sleeping 6 hours straight at night. And he is smilling at us more and more every day. Kemp and Andi have been great, and have adjusted just as well as I thought they would. Three kids is definatly alot more laundry though. Crazy how just one more can add so many clothes!!