Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bridger Byron is 1!!

                            Bridger loves to clap! We were singing happy Birthday and he thought that was great!
 He also loves phones! In fact he has known from an early age that you put a phone up to your ear and say hi,  He used to put his little hand by his ear every time he said hi, it was so cute!  Chad would tease me and say he sees me on my phone way too much!! Not true.....not all the time anyways!
                                The Birthday cake tradition!! He did not get as messy as I thought he would though.
                                                                  Three of the loves of my life!
 My parents took our whole family to Chuck-a-rama for dinner and since it was almost Bridge's B-day I let him go to town on this key lime pie.  Sorry my camera is so blurry!!
 Him eating the key lime pie was the highlight of the night!!  He was totally posing for the camera.

 Here he is posing for my Dad's camera!
 He is thinking, "wow, I really made a mess!"

 I wanted to put these pictures up to show just how big Bridgers head is!  His head is in the 100% percentile, meaning it is not even on the charts!  He needs a big head for that huge brain he has in there :)  I still can't believe my baby is 1!! He has been such a great baby.  I am trying to enjoy every phase and moment because he is my last baby.  He does some really cute things.  He is really into Mom (me) and he will choose me no matter who is holding him.  He loves to wrestle on the ground with his dad and he thinks he is pretty tough as he crawls on top of Chad and tries to body slam him.  He claps, waves, says "Hi", LOVES the bath, has mastered the stairs, and tries to sneak into the bathroom to play in the toilet every chance he gets.  He will walk across the room to people, but he is too chicken to just walk without someone waiting with their arms open.  He is a great eater and some of his favorites are, green beans, kiwi's, grapes, avacados, bananas, pears,chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and waffles.  He still sleeps great, but has definately gotten sicker than my other two kids. Poor Bridge picks up every little virus that goes around.  He loves to snuggle, and he has a stubborn streak and lets you know how he feels for sure.  He still laughs up at me at night when I sing to him at night, and it still melts my heart. I feel so lucky that he was sent to our family, and I just know he is one special little boy.  I pray I can live up to being the kind of mother that he deserves.  

 Andi went on a field trip with her preschool class to Albertsons.  It was really fun and they got lots of food.