Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just a few more!!

I don't usually get too political on my blog. I leave that for the experts (like you Brooke :)) but this election is so huge, and my close friends know I have STRONG opinions when it comes to politics. I am the daughter of a Marine, and retired Luetenant Colonel, its practially in my blood! Anyway I am less than satisfied with both candidates, but I feel like one is definatly worse, and in my humble opinion, more dangerous for our country than the other. I think regardless of everyones choice, the greatest thing we can do is get really educated on the issues and where both canidates stand, and where you stand for that matter, and go and vote. Our right to vote is one of the many things I love about this incredible country of America.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Halloween fun!

Carving pumpkins for family night
Kemper helped put the seeds into a bowl, so we can bake them
We carve up our pumkin faces Old School style
So proud of his pumpkins
What a great lookin group. This is almost all of my nieces and nephews on the Hessing side. They had just bobbed for apples
Sharon, (mom in law) Jennie, and Claire (JR's girlfriend)
Dixie and Zach. Dixie bought the same witch's costume as me, unknowingly. We both have good taste!
The girls!! The little cheerleader on the end is a friend of theirs that came for the party.
Jake and Kemper, with Andie while they watched the boys play Wii.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween party #1, and Boo at the Zoo. The Halloween fun has begun!!

Almost the whole group, Kip and Amy had to leave early
Sommers, Jessica, Amy, Me, Emily, Alicia
Mark and Michelle, the 80's rock!
Some Rock Band of course
Kip, trying hard to sing
Alicia and Tom. Alicia won best costume, she isn't really pregnant, we all kept forgetting that it looked so real.
My angel of death, and me
Trick-or-Treating at Zoo Boise. Not our best family photo!
Eli and Kemer, ready to go get some candy
Eli, Halle, and Hudson in the back
My little monkey, she wanted to crawl everywhere. I can't wait till she is walking!
My scary skeleton boy
She really pulls off the whole monkey thing I think
Loving her candy
We have had a fun couple of days, and we are just getting started! I just love Halloween, its so fun to see Kemper get so into the wholething, Andie loved her Monkey costume too. We had friends over for an Adult Halloween bash, with food and games. We are having a kid Halloween party at our house tonight, and it will be awesome too. I wonder if Kemp will be sick of Halloween by the time it actually gets here? Yeah right. I will be sick of the sugar high he is going to be on though.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The boys on their hunting trip

Chad, bro- in laws Chris, JR, (hoding Jake) and Zach (holding Kemper)
Kemper ran into a tree and got the big scrape on the side of his face.....sad
Chad with his HUGE (not so much) buck. Kemper was the one who saw it and begged Chad to shoot it! Should that worry me? Iam not sure yet.
Kemp and Grandpa Bruce
Zach and Bruce
Cousins, and best buds Jake, and Kemper
The boys around the fire, talking politics I'm sure :) I love how Chris is asleep.
Kemper in his hunter orange.
I love my two dirty lookin boys
They go every year for a whole week, this is Kemper's secong year going. Chad say's Kemper didn't stop running from morning till he hit the pillow at night. He even ran right into a tree, so that is not an exageration. Chad was the only one who shot a deer, sadly. And he wanted to shoot it so Kemp would have the experience. Its crazy,Kemp will cry hysterically for a sad dog or stuffed animal, but he is thrilled with hunting. He came home and told me "Mom we killed a boy deer, the mommy deer, and baby deer don't like him anymore. So its okay, they won't miss him" I start to laugh, and ask him how he knows they didn't like him anymore. He thinks for a minute, and says "hmm, I don't actually know" Chad walks over and tells me he let Kemper know that deer families are different then our human families, I am thinking to myself, what happens if you shoot a doe one year. Kemp does love Bambi. Anyway, next year I will let Chad deal with that one!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Missin my little man

Kemper ate this whole strawberry pastry

Kemper waiting for his balloon creation
Kemper the warrior!
Kemp and I at the fountain downtown
My little boy has been gone hunting with Chad for a couple days now, my house is eerily quiet. I came across some pictures of him at the downtown market that I never posted. The pictures made me smile, so I decided to post them. Jessica was with us, she took these pictures with her amazing new camera. She is gonna be a great photographer, it was nice of her to send them to me.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Charlie, my niece and Andie
Yesterday was my mom's B-day. She would not want me to reveal her correct age, lets just say she is still in the prime of her life. Not only is she the greatest mother, she is also the greatest Grandma too. I am so lucky to have such a carring, funny, devoted, spiritual, honest, happy person in my life. She has no idea just how amazing she is, someday I hope she can realize that. My kids adore her, and she is always so willing and happy to babysit. So thanks Mom, for always being there for me, you are a best friend too, and the best shopping partner! I love ya!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tagged twice, so here goes!

1. I have night terrors almost everynight, most nights they are small, I have embarressed myself many times though, just ask Chad, and close friends and family.
2. I had a pet cemetary when I was in Grade school, I would even scrape up roadkill and bury it cause I felt bad for the animal. Beyond gross, I know.
3. I am also confessing a belly peircing in my crazy youth years, and I had 3 or 4 peircings on each ear. Glad that phase is over.
4. I didn't have my first real kiss (ya know, french) till I was a junior in High School, I have since gotten my fair share of kissing in :)
5. I believe in BigFoot.
6. For a few months in college I lived on Vashon Island, (by seattle) and me and a few awesome roomies went down to where the ferries come, it was late so we thought we were alone, and we undressed to just our bra and underwear and jumped into the water. A security guard came and told us to leave. At least we weren't naked!
7. I used to be completely obsessed with the X-files, oh and Mariah Carey.

I tag, Emily M, Brooke, Kristen, Stephanie, Jessica, Ashley, and Shalie.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

Us with our pumpkins
Kemper loved the little ones
My neice Emma with my nephew Maddux
Me and Andie feeding the goats
Some of us, ready to go find our pumpkins
Andie playing on the flatbed trailer
My sister Kami, my Mom, and Kemper on our way back
Andie with her favorite babysitter Emma

Every year we go with my family and all of our kids to the Pumpkin Patch. It is so fun, they have tons of things for the kids to do. They have really great homade donuts too, what more could you really want. Last year Andie was a newborn, so this year it was great to have her more involved. Next year she will for sure be walking around so that will be even better. Kemper, of course thought it was the best thing ever. He has been checking on our pumpkins all day just to make sure they are still safe on the front porch and that no one has stolen them! We were laughing at my brother Kip, who was shocked he spent 35.00$ just on pumpkins. It was worth it though, to get to pick them yourself.