Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Emily (prego, who refuses to be in pictures) Shalie,and Grant, and JR. At Emily's for our first Thanksgiving meal of the day.
Chad and I at Emily's
Zack and Dixie, Krissy, and Chris
Just a few of the hundreds, (well almost) of kids at Emily's
Hanging out while the boys watch football, and hunting, (turkey hunting actually) after eating
I am still loving this walking thing! Andie at my sister's before meal #2
My brothers Kyle, and Kip, at Kami's after dinner. I did a bad job of taking pictures by the time my family thanksgiving rolled around! I was sick of taking pictures, plus I was too busy eating!
Some of the kids on Chad's side of the family for Bailey's B-day party friday. She is the cute one in the awesome sunglasses
One week apart, cousins, Hudson and Andie
Kemper at Preschool, singing his Turkey dance song
Kemp with some of his class
One of the funnest Thanksgivings ever!! I am sure I say that every year though. My brother Kyle is in town for a whole week, so that is always a blast. Plus the Morgans, Grant and Shalie came to stay with us for a night, and then had Thanksgiving at Chad's sister Emily's before heading home to Post Falls. Shalie and Grant are some of our favorite people, I wish they lived closer. Their little boys are so cute too. Chad and I, always have 2 Thanksgiving meals every year, and I love it! I start the morning of with our annual Turkey run, or as Amy Fife likes to call it, our Turdey Trot! This year it was only Jennie and me, cause almost everyone else is pregnant. Boring pregnant woman :) I am glad I get that long run in though, cause we eat more than a normal amount having to go to 2 dinners. It is so great though, and I am thankful to have so much amazing, fun family around. My sister kami had dinner at her new house, wich is HUGE, so that was really fun for the kids. We have been going to movies, and playing lots of Wii, and getting Christmas lights, and decorations up. I love seeing the Holidays through my children's eyes, it has brought back even more of the magic for Chad and me. I must confess, it is making me think of adding a baby to our little family, sooner rather than later! Those moments pass though when I realize my 15 month old is a her :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight Girls Night Out

Krissy, Alicia, me, Michelle (Jess, Emily, Sharon, and Robin were on the bench waiting)
Taking a picture by P.F. Changs, where we had dinner
Alicia, Jess, and Emily, as you can see it was chilly!
Michelle and I

I forgot my camera for our big girls night out, so I took these pictures from Michelle's blog. Thanks Michelle! Our girls night began with dinner at P.F. Changs, wich was totally delicious. Then we went and tried on some cute hats at Urban Outfitters downtown, and pretty much just goofed around. Then it was off to the movie where we waited in line for about 30 minutes. The theatre was packed with tons of die hard Twilight fans, just like us. I have to be totally real about the actual movie though, wich I thought was just okay. Bad special effects, and less than great acting, for a start. It was still a really fun night, and there were some really great moments in the movie. James anyone?? So hot, and I think one of the best actors in the movie. Too bad he had to die :) I loved Charlie too, I never cringed when he said his lines, wich is a good thing. I thought the baseball part was good, and I liked the prom part. I was never expecting it to live up to the book, but that was not movie making at its finest to say the least. They can only get better for the second one though, hopefully. Did anyone else hate the part in the end where Edward almost killed Bella by sucking too much of her blood? Not at all what happened, it made me mad at movie Edward! My mom still hasn't seen it, and she wants me to go again, maybe the second time will be better. I still love Twilight, and can't wait for the next movie, and really can you ever go wrong with so many fun girls at the movies?!

Monday, November 17, 2008

She can actually walk!! And some sleepover fun.

Andie, struttin her stuff
She gets so excited
Standing up to walk some more
Pizza time with Kemper, Bailey, Kenzie, and Jake
Kemp and Jake watching a movie in the sweet bed I made them in the toy room
Kemper and cousin Jake, ready to party
Kenzie, Andie and Bailey. The girls were so great with Andie, she loved playing with them too
Me and my adorable neices getting ready to watch our movie downstairs
We had a fun, action packed weekend, starting with a sleepover with a couple of my neices and nephew. I have been promising a sleepover to them for awhile now, but its hard with their schedule and mine. It was so much fun to have them finally, I plan on having many more with them. They are just such sweet and wonderful kids, I didn't want our little adventure to end! They all wanted to sleep upstairs in the toy room, so I made some beds. We stayed up till eleven and watched movies, and had treats. Kenzie, Bailey and I, walked to Maverick and picked out the treats, and movies. No sleepover is complete with the Wii too, of course. Another exciting thing this weekend, is Andie really starting to walk. She has been taking steps here and there for a couple weeks, but now she is walking all the way across the room, and standing up on her own! I was thinking my 15 month old was never gonna walk!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The CMA Awards

If you didn't see the show you missed out! Well, only if you like country music I guess. My two favorite country artists, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, won Female and male vocalist of the year. This is the third year in a row that Carrie has taken this award. And they hosted the show, and both sang. It was great. Maybe I am just biased, but I think Carrie has the best voice of any other female singer in country music today, she was just amazing. There were other great performances too, like Kid Rock, and I like the new group Lady Antabellom. (no idea how to spell that)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Husband Tag

Chad, with his classic take my picture already expression!

Tagged by Shalie, my amazing cousin-in-law!

5 Things he loves (just keeping it real :))
His family
Making out 
His tools, he has alot.

5 Things on his to do list
Get his degree
Shoot a bear
Buy a new truck
Become even more established as a builder (even though he is already amazing)
Get his real estate liscense

5 Foods he enjoys
Red meat
Mexican food
Peaches and cream

5 Things you might not know about him
He has at least 20 guns (not sure of the exact amount, they are in a gun safe)
He hates wearing open toed shoes
He sang "leavin on a jet plane" to me on his mission, and sent it home on a tape. It made me cry.
He can fix cars.
He is a completly honest and loyal person

5 places he's lived
Thats it!

5 quirky things about him
He plays with his ear when he is watching tv, or having a conversation with someone
He never calls me Kelli, he is the King of cute nicknames, well some haven't been too cute. He does the same with our kids. If he calls me Kelli I know he is mad, or on his way to being mad!
He is anal retentive about checking the locks at night, and a bit of a germ a phobe
He pours milk over cake and eats it in a bowl
He is always smacking my butt, and I am thinking it must be a quirk....he doesn't even realize he is doing it most of the time. That is probably just a guy quirk.

5 people to tag (unless you hate being tagged!)
Emily G

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Horse back riding fun!

Chad unloading Bounce from the trailer
Brett brushing Leo
Kemp and Bounce. Notice the knots in her main, Emily got all those out, wich was pretty amazing cause they were bad.
Andie just watched all the riding, she was a little tired, and grumpy. Grandma Sharon helped us with her while we did stuff with the horses.
Eli riding Leo bareback, what a stud
Brett on Leo bareback. You are a stud too Smitty!
Me and Bounce, can you tell I am excited to be riding again?!
Chad has not wanted to ride a horse for years, he really likes Bounce. This was before he put his helmet on, wich is a good rule they have out there.

Kemper riding Aiden (Emily's mini-horse) Carlene, Bretts mom led him around.
Today was such a great day. I finally went riding again. I haven't ridden since Kemp was a baby, I actually used to have a horse, we sold him cause I never had time to ride. Chad's parents have horses, and Emily, Chads sister does too. Chad and Brett took Bounce and Aiden with them hunting last weekend and Chad really likes Bounce and wanted me to ride her. He loved Aiden too, but I can't ride a miniature horse :) So we decided its crazy we have access to all these great horses and we never ride. We went out to Brett's parents place, wich is amazing by the way. And it was so nice of them to let us come and use their indoor arena. We took Emily's other horse Leo too, Brett rode him. Emily is pregnant, she was frustrated to have Leo out there and she couldn't ride. Emily is an amazing rider, she has taught me almost everything I know. Wich isn't much!! And I plan on having her teach me alot more this spring when we can ride all the time. It was great to ride, and remember how much I love it. And Kemper had so much fun. I am not letting years go by without riding, ever again.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My last Halloween post, till next year anyways!

Andie and Kemper before heading out to trick-or-treat
My sister and her girls Emmerson, and Charlie. (At my mom's house)
My dad, with a weird hat on, not sure about that one. When Kemper came to his door he had no idea it was his grandson, till he started to walk in asking for Grandma
Kemper singing one of the Halloween songs he learned at Preschool, with his classmates
Half of Kempers Preschool class, the others got cut off! Skeleton's seemed to be popular this year. Great, I hope Kemp isn't already following the latest trend.

Another Halloween over, we have way too much candy, and I am sure I will gain some weight as a result. The kids had so much fun, and we loved it too. Kemp had a sleepover with his cousin Jake. Kemper asked Chad this morning how many days till next Halloween.