Wednesday, August 13, 2014

So I am trying to play catch up, and add some important and fun events that have happened over the past year... or 2 years :) I want to make our blog books so I need to get this rollin. I don't think many people blog anymore, but I don't scrap book or do anything crafty, so a blog book is going to be our best bet in keeping track of our family adventures.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lots of people wait 6 months before they do another blog post.....

So I am the worst lately. I used to love getting on blogger and putting up pictures and all that. I hate to admitt that the thrill has faded, a tiny bit. I so want it to be there again, and I get sad thinking about how long it has been since I have posted. I am determined to try and revive my love of all things blogger.
I am really hoping that I can get my pictures to load faster. That has been a big pain for me. My pictures take forever to load, so I just think, "I don't have an hour to spend trying to upload pictures so I will do my blog later.....yeah over six months later.
And so much has been going on and I have not been keeping up with it and writting it down. Things are going great with our family. Chad is still a deputy with Ada county, and also doing construction jobs on the side from time to time. I took a leave at the gym becuase I got a new job. I am doing Legal coding from home. It has been a learning curve for sure, and some weeks, super stressful. It is a great opportunity though, and I can stay home with the kids. I also finished my associates degree a couple months ago. Finally a college grad! Only took me 13 years or so... :) Who wants to actually go to class at college? It is so much more fun trying to finish my degree with 3 kids and a husband always demanding my attention! Oh....what I would not sit down and tell young, and immature Kelli. Hey, I did have some great times back then though. I know my roomies would agree!
Our kids are growing up way to fast. Kemper is 8, recently baptised, loving scouts, and 3 rd grade. He is smart and doing great in school. He is still my high energy kid! He is the best big brother though. Andi and Bridge follow him around like crazy. Andi is 5 and in preschool. She is my fun, and slightly diva-ish little girl. She is loving soccer and dance. Well, she loves dance. Bridger will be 2 in January. I can't even believe how fast time has flown by. He is such a joy to have around. He has the funniest personality, he is always cracking us up. He is happy, and really loving, and completely obsessed with his big brother and sister. Whenever they get home from school he throws his little arms around them for a big hug, every day. He is starting to talk more and more, and it is so fun. I really wish that we could freeze him in time for a little while like this. It is just going by way too fast.

We stay busy around here for sure, but I would not want it any other way. I promise to get some pictures up soon. I have been trying to decide if I should put pictures from the last 6 months up, or just start from here. I might put a few old ones on here, but there is no way I could do all.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Family pictures (more to come)

Here are a few of the pictures that my amazing friend Jessica took!  I had just got my hair cut that day which was a big change for me, my hair had been long for a really long time.  She met us down at Albertsons park.  It was beautiful, but Bridger was really into the goose poop that was everywhere so we had to keep a close eye on him.  I did not want to go downtown and have to worry about Bridge running into the street  the whole time though, so I chose the geese!  I can't wait to see more of the pictures she took, she is just so amazing! Thanks Jess!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Camping twice in April! Steck Park and Grimes Creek (Lots of pictures)

 This is our first camping trip of the year at a place called Steck Park. It was a nice place but there are train tracks right across the river, so that was not so fun when they camerolling through at three in the morning blowing their horns!
 Kemp and Andi were great stick collectors for the fire
 As long as he could walk around outside Bridger was happy.
 MY husband doing his job keeping that fire going!!
 I pretty much followed him around for two days.
 I thought this was so cute! Bridge did not want to share his bike with our friends baby, Brock.
 "Yeah, this is my bike, don't get it twisted!!"  -Bridger
 Chad took the kids on his motorcycle, which they loved.

 Sean is a big Geocacher and he found a spot right by our campsite we could walk to and find
 Life is good
 On our way to Grimes Creek for our second camping trip of the season.
 I thought this was a great picture Amanda took of all of our trailers.  Best campsite cause we were all there together.  One big community campsite, and fire.
 We brought our 4 wheeler for this trip and it was so much better to have it.

 My two little boys
 Bridger + camping = TRUE LOVE.  He was in heaven.
 Chad with the kids doing some shooting
 Amanda with Kalie.  She was tuckered out
 Mia and Brock.  Poor Brock was not feeling great, but he was still such a good baby there
 Here is Kemper pretty much entertaining the kids!
 Chad, Mark and Andi (sitting with Mark)
 This is actually a picture of Chad on Mark's Four wheeler at Steck Park.
 All the men taking a break after a firewood finding trip.
 Chris and Chad, chopping some wood.  They did good, we never ran out.
 Andi, Kallie and Kambria hanging out on the mountain.
 Me hanging out with my fat dog!
 Sean and his pregnant wife Trista and their adorable little girl Lea. 
Chad has made some really great friends at Ada County.  They love to camp just like we do, I might even say they love it more! We have gone on two trips with them so far and it has been so much fun getting to know some of his friends from work and their spouses and kids. I can't wait till its even warmer and we can do some swimming.  I think they are already planning our next camping trip!

Random pictures

 I took some pictures and Andi and Bridge playing in some of the only snow that we got in Boise this winter. 

 These two have pretty much become best buddies over the past few months.  It is so cute to see Bridger just follow her around everywhere she goes, and of course she is loving the attention!
 I know I need to sand and re-paint this swing!
 He had a huge scab on his forehead from falling on the concret in our back yard.  The kid is ALWAYS wanting to be outside.

This is my brother Kip and I in Salt Lake the morning of the Salt Lake city marathon.  I only did the half, but Kip went all the way and did 26.2!  It was a fun weekend away with Chad.  I was lame and this is like the only picture I have to show for it!

McCall Trip 2012

It was another great McCall trip with my side of the family this year!! And I am only three months behind in posting it!  This was Bridgers second year there and it was so fun because he was walking around. We soon discovered that he is an outside baby all the way.  He would walk over to the door and pound on it, or he could bring chad and I his boots.  He is so funny!  Everyone else had such a great time, and it is always so sad when the trip comes to an end.