Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer swimming

Andie's first time at roaring springs, she wasn't too sure yet.
Kemp wanting to have his pic taken in line at roaring springs
I promise she is a happy baby!
Chad and Kemp at my moms pool
Andie loving the hot tub
Andie and dad in grandma's pool
Andie, ready for her first swim

I had pictures from some of our swimming trips, and just thought I would post a few.

More camping

one of my the best things of camping
Me and some of my neices
Kemper and Jake with their fishing poles
Chad taking a few a JR's kids across the river
Kenzie, my neice, Krissy, my sis-in-law and her daughter Halle.

Last weekend was another fun filled camping trip. It was short and sweet. A big group of us went up to Grimes creek for a night. The kids had so much fun with each other, it was Halle's first trip camping and she loved it. It is almost July already and we have only been 2 times. This summer is slipping away from me. July is going to be the busiest month too. We are going camping with some of my side of family in a couple weeks and that will be fun. We will have to do alot of fall camping to make up for all the time lost in the summer.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Roomie Reunion!!

Cindi, Rozzie, Jolene, Annie, Me
Just married!! Jolene and Ryan
Her dress was ivory, and so classic.
All of us freezing at the reception, Jo was really cold I'm sure!
Annie and Rozz eating J-Dogs at the reception
Rozz, and Kyle my awesome Bro, who brought his jumper cables to the hotel.
Me, Cindi, Annie, Rozzie, and Colleen

I was really lucky when I went to Ricks (BYU-I) I found the coolest roomates ever! We had so much fun and we still get to see each other about every year. And when we all get together we just click like we always did, and its like no time has gone by at all. This weekend Jolene got married, so we all came from our different states, left the husbands and kids at home, and we stayed in a hotel and had a blast. I have to mention Dallas who couldn't make it, and she was definatly missed! We had our little adventures too like we always do. Rozzie left the lights on in her sweet stratus and the next day we called Kyle, my brother to come and give us a jump. We got to see Colleen who was another roomate of Rozzie, Cindi and me. We stayed up till like 3:00 am talking and catching up. We went and watched Jolene get sealed and it was great, we are all so happy for her and Ryan. Her reception was cool, she stayed away from a traditional reception. She had J-dogs (best hotdogs ever) J-dogs are really popular in the Provo area I guess. She made cupcakes for her guests, and one huge cupcake for her and Ryan. She had a huge inflated Jump house, and no line. It was really laid back and fun. It was great of Rozzie, who just lives in Nampa, to drive me and her there and back. I can't wait to see you all next summer my hot booty roomies. Hopefully the weather won't be so weird. Next year we will make the husbands and kids come too, so we better start planning!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our first camping trip of the summer

Andie was into the campfire
My tired camper
Jess and I
Kemper's tin foil dinner our first night
Chad was super excited for his foil dinner
Teyan and Andie
Pepsi cleaning Kemper's hands, thats how we wash our hands when camping!
They are buddies, plus Kemp had some food Pepsi wanted:)
By the second night Pepsi was pooped
Pandi in her playpen
Settlers of Catan, Teyan won....of course!
Me and my rugged outdoorsman
Kemp and Dad goin fishing
Camping season is here, and I am so excited. The last time we went camping last summer I was huge pregnant with Andie, it was so fun to actually have her with us. She did great, and she is gonna be a big time camper, I can alread tell! Camping is one of the greates things, and our camper makes it even better. I know, some would say it is not really camping if you aren't in a tent and have no water and electricity. Before kids I felt the same way, I have to say now though I couldn't go back to a tent. At least with both my kids. And have you heard of my fear at night of large animals, like bears and wolves? Weird, I know but I am never scared sleeping in our trailer. And who really wants to pee in the woods...seriously. We still rough it though, and we love secluded spots. The Curtis's wanted to rough it with us, well Jess did anyway. Teyan came cause he is a good sport, and a great cook! We had a lot of fun, it was great to get away from the stress and work, it is like therapy. And we didn't see any wolves this time, so that was a plus!