Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Brad Paisley Concert

So sexy!
Jess and Emily

Lexie and Me

My girls and Me

Last week, Me, Emily, Jessica, and Lexie went to see Brad Paisley. Rodney Adkins and Chuck Wicks were also there. Love Rodney Adkins, he has the cutest song, "watching you". Its Chad and Kempers song. Anyway, it was so much fun. Definatly the best concert I have ever been to. New Kids on The Block is right up there too though!! We had a girls night and had dinner before. I didn't get home till like 12:30 am. Chad did great with the kids of course, its nice to come home and your babies are in bed already. If you ever get a chance to see Brad, I highly recomend! And all three of those guys are really easy on the eyes......ya know.

The Sweetest Kids Ever

Kemper is so cute with his baby sister, I just had to snap some shots of them snuggling in my bed one day. Andie is really lucky to have a brother that will look out for her the way he does. You can also see Kemps mohauk. I brought it back again. Chad is not too pleased. I sorta promised him I wouldn't get it cut in a mohauk again, but it is so cute can you blame me??

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Progressive Fondue Dinner

Monday night we got together with friends and had some great fondue. We started at my house for cheese fondue, the appetizer. (thanks T-money) We then went to Sommers and Scotts house for awesome kabobs, and the kids had a blast with all of her toys. Then we finished at Jess and Teyans house for the best part of any dinner, desert!! The Marlatts came, and it was so great cause Kemper had so much fun with their girls, espescially (sp?) Avery. And we finished with some Rock Band too. I was impressed with everyones skills. Alisha you killed on the drums! Thanks to Sommers, and Jess for inviting Chad and I, and planning the party.

Mccall trip with the Morgans

This past weekend we met Grant, Shayley and their two little boys up in Mccall. It was so fun. We went sledding, swimming, played games, and ate of course. The boys got along great, and Andie had her first day out in the snow. I had her really bundled though, she was probably roasting. I did a bad job of taking pictures though, I really need to work on that.

My baby girl!

I never seem to be able to catch Andie smiling on camera, she just gets fascinated with the camera or something. So I got pretty close with her tongue sticking out. And I have been introducing baby food to Andie, and she loves it. She opens her mouth so wide, its hilarious.

Friday, January 4, 2008

How does he do that?!

I swear Chad has this ability to lay with our kids, and they just go right of to sleep. It is so tender, I love it. At the same time I wish I could learn the trick cause I have tried to get Andie to sleep next to my like this, but she never has. And Kemper, well I have never even come close to getting him to sleep by me. I am thinking they can sense Chads laid back nature, and that is soothing for kids. It is possible he just bores them to sleep!! Joking, he is definatly not boring. He may be able to get them to sleep, but he can also get Kemper(and Andie soon, I'm sure) hyper in like 10 seconds flat.

Christmas Day

I will have to admitt, I did a horrible job taking pictures this Christmas. I also discovered our video camera wasn't working anymore. So needless to say I was devestaded that I couldn't capture this Christmas on film. It was still a wonderful, busy day. We had our house first, then Chads parents, then mine. The kids made a haul!! Of course. And we all ate way too much. I probably gained back all the baby weight I have been working hard to loose! Well not really, but I feel that way. I hope Kemper is starting to understand the real meaning of Christmas, that is what we teach, and pray for.

Christmas day pictures

This is cousin Hudson and Andie together on Christmas morning. They could be twins! I am glad they aren't though, that would about kill me I think! They are pretty cute, I can't wait till they can play with each other.

So every Christmas all the boys get a BYU hoodie from my Dad, (Even if they don't want it!) It has become this fun tradition and we all know the hoodie is coming. I thought the one this year was pretty cool. My Dad is missing from the picture though, that is sad.

Kemper getting ready to open his gifts Christmas morning.