Sunday, August 30, 2009

Camping with the Gages

Our family camping photo. Not one for the wall, thats for sure :)
Our trailer, Regina.
Brett and Emily's family motor home, the Weenis!!
Andi really wanted to sit in Reese's bumbo.
Eli and Andi hanging out.
Kemp and Andi harassing Emily's dog Dolly. She was such a good dog to the kids
The 3 older kids looking for frogs
My amazing sis in law Emily with Reese. Taking pictures of the kids
Kemper trying his hardest to get Chad out of the chair and fishing with him
Brett holding Reese, and Emily.
Another time Kemp was waiting for chad to get his fishing pole ready. Chad told him as soon as he was done with his O'douls he would take him.
Doing what he does best
Showing off his fish
You would think she is scared of me! Don't worry she isn't :)
Brett and Eli on the four wheeler
My world on that ATV
Happy Birthday Emily! This was her delicious b-day cobbler
Andi, thinking of running off into the dark with Pepsi! She really did that, I went running with the flashlight to find her.
Andi pretending to be a dog with Pepsi
Chad heading to the freezing creek to fullfill his dare
And this is him after he had gotten in the water and was walking back. It is pretty dark, but hopefully you can get a good enough look! So hilarious, none of us thought he would actually do it. So pay up Emily and Brett!

Highlights of our Camping trip with the Gages
Laughing about the Weenis breaking down about 8 miles from out campsite
Laughing about the sweet Weenis in general
Laughing about EVERYTHING, we were crying at times, we laughed so hard
Telling Chad, "I told you so" when our dog Pepsi got to the fish he didn't think he needed to hide from her.
Catching lots of frogs with Kemper, Andi and Eli
The Food, of course
Telling ghost stories, although we always manage to scare Kemper to the trailer
Scaring Emily enough to make her run to the Weenis......:)
Running with Emily the first morning
Watching the kids have a blast together, especially Eli and Kemper
Singing Happy Birthday to Emily
Chad in his briefs!! So sexy. Laughing at him skinny dipping was great too
Listening to Brett try to start his generator in the morning, so funny, but you probably had to be there to understand
There are so many more, it was such a great camping trip, other than the HUNDREDS of bees it was perfect. Thanks for coming Gages!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

McCall Weekend

The only thing missing is Dad :( He couldn't get out of work
McKay, Kemper, Maddux, and Emersen
Kemp and Emma in the kayak, (yeah, I know I can't spell!)
What a good cousin she is
They are adding on to the cabin next door so the kids were hanging out in the tractor
Bompa and the newest arrival in the Fife home, baby Nora. She is precious
Andi loving the sand
Whatcha lookin at Andi! someday she will want to look at the camera, right??

Last weekend my side of the family, including my brother Kyle, packed up and went to MCall. Amy's dad has a great cabin there, and it is so much fun. We played on the beach, and did lots of swimming, eating, and playing games. It was weird being there without Chad. He had to work, and we really missed him. I am sad to see the summer end, I still have so many pictures to put up. The boys went on there annual hiking/fishing trip and Chad and my dad took some great pictures. It is always so great to see my brother Kyle, and I will post pictures of him with the rest of the men on the hike soon.
And thanks dad for the pictures :) who would have thought you would be the responsible one taking pictures, and I would be the one to forget my camera?! Role reversal right! :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

August is our Birthday month!

Andi has a weird love hate thing with bugs
Kemper and Mom helped sis with her candles
The best kids in the world :)
Andi opening her gifts, it was a bit overwhelming for a 2 year old
The bounce house we rented
All the kids loved it
Dad and Andi
Here is Andi with her Dora balloon. She was in heaven
Where does the time go. It seems like yesterday we met her for the first time at the hospital. And it seems crazy I was ever nervous about how a little girl would fit into our family, and if I would have enough love for both kids! It feels like she has been ours forever, and none of us could possibly love her more. She is perfection.

My first born is Five!!

In case you didn't know, Kemper is obsessed with fishing. So he was pretty excited about the big Bass on his cake.
I am sure he is wishing to catch some fish :)
Opening presents
Andi thought the party was great...........she really did even though she looks like she is over it
The water balloon fight
Tom really took one for the team here, letting the kids throw the ballons at him!
Alisha was a life saver and filled up most of the balloons for me. And she is having a baby in November!! I know it is hard to tell
Pizza, one of Kemper's favorites, for lunch.
I can't believe my little boy is 5!! He is growing so fast, and he gets bigger all the time. He changed mine and Chad's life forever five years ago. I never thought I would have such a perfect little funny, wild, smart, sweet, and happy boy in my life. I am so grateful Heavenly Father sent him to us.

And I am grateful we survived the party, and it was a huge sucess, and we don't have to do it again for a year!! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Girls are bad aims.......according to Kemper

My Mom had Kemper the other day and she told me a conversation they had in the car. Kemper was telling my mom about his new paintball gun he got for his birthday. He informed my mom that girls are not allowed to shoot it though.

My mom: why can't girls shoot Kemper?

Kemper: Cause they will miss and hit me in the privacy.

Holding the laughter in, (cause this is serious Grandma)
My Mom: They would huh?

Kemper: Yeah, girls are just really bad aims.

I was laughing sooo hard when my mom told me this story. I don't know what is more funny and ridiculous. The part where he would get hit with a paintball in the privacy (no, that has never happened to him!) Or the fact that he thinks girls are ALL bad aims!! He had better not be hearing that from his dad :) And I will have to have a talk with him about girls being just as good at shooting as boys. Looks like I will have to come the next time they go shooting, I will set him straight!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Missing my blogging

So, our wonderful Dell desktop is being weird again. We are hoping we won't have to buy our 3rd Dell is 7 years. I am writting this on my husbands laptop. I want to put pictures up so bad, I might have to figure out how to do that on this computer. Kemper had a fishing trip with his dad, we have been boating, and camping. I have been running like crazy, trying to get ready for the Top Of Utah. Kemper and Andi both had their Birtday parties. I can't believe how fast my kids are growing up, they are just so much fun. Life has been busy, and great. I am going on a girls night to see Time Travelers Wife tonight, so I will take pictures of that. We read the book for book club, it was a great book. I hope the movie is even half as good as the book. Hopefully I will have some pictures up in the next day or so, crazy it has almost been a month since my last post!