Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon Girls night and games at Krissy's

Jessica, Emily, Michelle, me, and Alisha (Krissy won't be in pictures cause she is pregnant) My mother in law Sharon was taking the picture. And her friend Robin was there too. We are here in line waiting to go in to the movie.
Dinner at PF Changs first. So delicious
Jess, and Michelle. Look Michelle, your eyes are open in this one :)
Emily and me sitting in the theatre. We were almost completely surrounded by 12 year olds.
More theatre pictures
This is really random, but pretty funny. I came into our room one of the nights Grant and Shalie were staying with us last week. (Chad and Grant had gone to look at Harley's earlier that day.) So Chad taped this poster up above our bed to be funny! You better believe I was laughing, but it didn't stay up there very long.......Chads defense, "I just really like the bike!" Sure babe.
Grant spelling out a Christmas word for our game of Butt charades at Krissy's house
Emily's turn!
Brett was really getting into it!
Eli and Halle snuggling while they watched a movie in the other room.
Brett holding Reese, and JR, probably thinking about his fiance Claire!
Some of the kids on the coach playing DS
Andi warming up to the camera! She even said Cheese!
Me, Emily, and Shalie with her baby Kenley, hanging out.

So we had our girls night out and saw New Moon. It is kinda sad it is over, we will have to start planning another girls night out soon. Anyway, it was really fun. I really liked the movie. I had no expectations because I thought Twilight was lame. And I still wish they would re-cast Edward and Bella, but it is what it is! This movie was made better, with better acting, more action (love the werewolves), better make-up and wardrobe, a better script, and hello........... Jacob anyone!!! I had to keep reminding myself he is only 17. That boy looked amazing. He is one of the main reasons I liked the second movie so much more. I think him and Bella had so much more chemistry then her and Edward in the movie. I am officially team Jacob, in the movies. My heart is always with the book Edward though. I feel bad, but I just kept crindging when Robert Pattinson came on. Not because he is scrawny and boring, but because of his acting. It was a really fun night, even if we felt like the oldest girls in the theatre, ha ha! We went downtown, so the tweens were out in full force.
The Morgans also came into town for a couple nights too, and of course we had a blast with them. Krissy invited everyone over to here house for pizza and games one night, and it was so fun.
And now we are all just looking forward to thanksgiving and Christmas.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Family Pictures by the river

Kemper is not looking at the camera, of course!

I just thought this was hilarious!

Peek-a-boo (Brooke you are a genius with that idea!)

Chad is sort of lost in this one

Kemp looks like he is going gangster

Love this

Thinking this will be the wall picture, but I don't know!

We had our pictures done a couple weeks ago. Brooke is amazing, and there are some great ones. She got more than I thought she would honestly. It was a windy cold day, and Andi was NOT having all. She had a few smiling moments, but for the most part we were just trying to get her not to cry. And poor Kemp tried to hold his smile while we worked on Andi, but you know his attention span is not the best :) And I wish I would have re thought the outfits. I am sounding overly negative huh?! I really think they are great, and I was pleasantly surprised. She does such a great job with editing, and she was great with my kids. Feed back is always great, I have to figure out wich ones to buy. I have the hardest time with decisions :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Weekend

My little knome! (thanks Jess)
Mario, me, and the knome, getting ready to go trick or treating at Emily's neihborhood.
Kemper at work with me before we went to our ward trunk or treat on Friday
Andi, refusing to look at me while I had the camera.
for some reason my camera has been acting really weird, and almost all the pictures I took over Halloween weekend were blury. Luckily Jessica took some for me on Halloween! It was a great Halloween, and my kids had a blast. Andi really got into it, and she insisted on going to every door and holding her pumpkin bucket even when it was loaded with candy and too heavy for her. The only thing that was not great about this Halloween is Chad had to work :( I went and saw him later that night at the hospital he works at, but it was not the same without him. Hopefully things will be different for him very soon and he won't miss the rest of the holiday season. I didn't realize just how much we took for granted him never having to work any holidays before. At least he gets to see the pictures on my blog!