Thursday, June 16, 2011

Did I mention that we fish.....alot??

I feel like I have so many fishing pictures.  And these ones are only from the trips my husband actually remembers to bring the camera.  Chad and Kemper both love and I mean LOVE to fish.  In fact, I would say it is quickly becoming their thing.  Andi loves it too, but she does not have the same level of intensity that Kemp does.  Just like Chad, Kemper would sit there all night if he could. I have always meant to write this story down, so this is a good time since we are on the topic of fishing.  On one of their fishing trips a couple years ago, Chad told Kemper they had to leave, and Chad had made a critical error throwing back a small fish, thinking they would have caught a bigger one by then.  Kemper was SO MAD, furious really.  So he followed Chad to the truck, yelling for everyone by the  crowded greenbelt to hear,  and I quote, "That guy!! (pointing his stick at Chad, telling an innocent bystander) is the WORST fisherman EVER!  I mean, we go fishing, and he promises I can keep the fish, then he throws it back!!  (turning to Chad now)  Why do we even freaking go fishing dad, IF WE DON'T KEEP THE FISH?!"  Chad told me all this later when they got home.  Chad just kept walking, trying not to laugh.  After he calmed down and they were driving home in the truck he asked Chad, "Dad,you are not going to tell mom about my fit right??"  But of course he did!  And Chad and I laughed about it for like an hour that night.

S'mores with some more Hessings!

 I love the way Chad makes S'mores!  You have to melt the chocolate first, so delicious.
 Kemper with his cousins, Ben and Jake. Looks really good Jake!
 Andi waiting patiently for her smore.

 Peyton made me a smore.  So sweet of her!
                                                                  Kenzie and Luke
                                                       Bailey. I can't believe how old they are all getting.

A few sundays ago we invited Chads brother JR and his wife Claire, and their 6 kids over for S'mores.  It was really fun, and of course who does not love smores right!  The kids had a blast and ran around outside the entire night.  I just love this family, and I am so glad JR lucked out and got Claire to marry him ;) and we have her two wonderful boys as new additions to a quickly growing extended family.