Thursday, September 23, 2010

A farewell to Summer!!

Kemp at Roaring Springs
Andi at Roaring Springs. Finally loving the water
Kemp spending time with his sis before he heads of to the big slides
snack time
Dad and Andi at the lake getting ready to go out on the jet ski
She thinks she is taking this ride solo
Kemp, and Andi
Excited to go on the big tube
Bailey and Dax at Roaring Springs
The best way to get warm. Kemp, Eli and Reese

Shaydon and Andi, in deep conversation I guess
Andi waited for the big bucket of water
These two are so cute. They have been friends since birth. And still having playgroups together
Seriously, they both melt my heart
Aunt Emily and Uncle Brett at my moms pool one day. The kids were loving this game
Eating Pizza with friends and cousins at G-mas pool

I tried to put most of our summer swimming pictures together, and I realized I have way to many. So I narrowed them down. We had a blast this summer, with almost everyday in somekind of body of water. It was great to mix it up, then the kids didn't get bored. This was such a cake summer for me because Kemp swims totally on his own, and Andi is great with her floaties. Being really pregnant and sick for the first part of summer, I will admitt I didn't get in the pool with them much. I know this coming summer with a 6 month old I won't be able to sit back and watch. We made the best of our summer months swimming, going camping, playing at parks, and of course, Lagoon. I am sad to see summer end, but the holidays will be great too!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My boys. First picture together :)

Chad and I went for my 20 week ultra-sound a week ago, and we found out we are indeed having a BOY!  I have always felt like I would have more than one boy, so it was pretty neat to be there with my husband to hear the news. And even better everything looks perfect! My doctor did ask the question, "Do large heads run in the family?" Oh, great....:) Both the kids were excited, but Kemp especially. He has not been shy about telling me he really, really, really, wants a little brother.  Now we just get to anxiously wait till January to meet the little guy.