Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day

I realized after I put this picture up that everyone looks anoyed!
Good thing I have professional family pictures that turned out good, cause mine never turn out!
Kemper (with his candy cane shirt santa brought him :) McKay, and Maddux
Andie loved this puppy my mom got her
Kyle and Andie
My brother has such a way with kids, Andie doesn't like many people but she is all about Kyle
Kemp with one of his new toys Christmas morning
Kemper and Chad with the John Deer blankets I made them for Christmas
See, I am kinda domestic!
Christmas was so great this year, I didn't want it to end! I did a bad job of taking pictures though cause I was filming with our new camera most of the time. I didn't even take any of my kids opening presents at my house. Same thing at my mom's! I am just not used to having a video camera again. Anyway it was a fun day of family, food and laughter. What could be better!?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Most of the kids pilled onto the tube, little Emersen is in the sled behind
Andie and Dad, she could not get enough
My little red marshmellow trying to walk in all her snow gear
My brother in law Zach took his turn
This is how we roll!
Cousin Emma with Andie
I am loving all this snow in Boise! The other day we got the 4-wheelers and sleds out, and we did one of the funnest things ever!! One of my fondest childhood memories is Hookie bobbing with my brothers and sister. But back then we went behind the car.......not the safest. It is definatly something my kids are already loving, and will hopefully remember their whole lives too. We had a great time, even though the boys starting throwing the snowballs, what is it with men and snowballs?? It was like WWIII out there, the only people safe was a pregnant Emily, and babies! I started holding Andie, and standing by Emily so I could catch a break! I am gonna get those boys back when they are least expecting :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Girls night out at the Melting Pot. Krissy, Dixie, Jennie and me (not the best pic of me and Jen)
We had appetizers, and Chocolate good
This is all we could capture of Emily, without fear of death or bodily harm! My little neice is in there, and she is coming soon!!!!!
My camera shy Mother-in-law! Now I see where prego Emily gets it!
Krissy and I Saturday, before the YMCA Christmas run we did
Dinner at Texas Roadhouse with friends. Lexie, Sommers, Jess. We were really snug in that 6 person booth! It was really fun though
The boys, husband Chad, T-money, Scott
Ben sat on the end. Here he is with Lex
Jess and I with my B-day brownie. Jennie, the best waitress in Idaho, brought it out to me. Thanks Jen!!
We all played partini after dinner
The boys won......despite our best efforts to cheat!!
One of the games where you toss a plastic ball into cups. Sounds was really funny
we were avoiding actually throwing the ball!
This year was such an awesome Birthday for me! We did so many fun things. I have such great family, and friends, and especially husband! Chad suprised me with some things I never saw coming! And he watched the kids a ton this weekend while I went out to lunch with Jess, went to dinner with my Mom, Kami, and Amy. And then to dessert downtown with Chads sisters and Mom. It was all so great, it just makes me really thankful for the people in my life.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Puppy love!!

I had to sneak in at nap time and get these pictures
she didn't even move with all my annoying flashes
she won't sleep without her "wuff wuff"
Her puppy is big, so she just carries him around by his ear
She likes this other puppy too,
Her best friend
I had to take a couple of the kids in the first snowfal of the winter
Kemper has been waiting to make this angel!
I wanted to dedicate a post to Andie, and her favorite thing, her puppy. She carries her puppy everywhere. She has to have it almost all the time. I have limits of where I will let her take it though. It is as big as her, so its not easy to just pack it around everywhere. Chad won this stuffed animal for her at Lagoon over the summer, and they have been inseperable ever since! She loves dogs of any kind as well, in fact every animal is a dog to her. She says "wuff wuff" when she see any living creature.

Cassandra's Birthday at Barbaqoa

Courtney, Cassandra, and me
The coolest Boss ever
Rebecca and Teresa
Courtney is so sweet, I love her!
Some of the other girls from work. Tracy Cassandra and Charlie

It has been the week of Birthday parties! I have a really great boss, and she invited some of us girls from work to have appetizers and drinks(I tried the virgin mango margarita, wich I recomend if you ever go there :) at Barbeqoa, I am sure I am not spelling that right! It was fun to hang out with everyone outside of work, all the girls are so fun, and the resturaunt was really cool, I want to take my husband there for dinner sometime, they have a duck Quesadilla......weird I know.

My little Nephew Eli is Two!!

The Birthday boy, he is so cute
Pita and Andie
Andie and Hudders (Hudson)
Opening all his gifts: I see you in the corner of this picture, my Hot sis in law Emily :)

We went to a great Birthday party for my Nephew Eli at Planet Kid on thursday. It was really fun, we had pizza and cake. All the adults hung out while the kids tore it up on the huge indoor playground, I would definatly recomend a party there for any kid, so fun! Thanks Gurd and Brett for having such a great kid, and then having a great party!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Santa Claus is coming.....

Kemp was right at home with the Jolly old man!
Notice Andie, Santa is way too close to her apparently

A couple nights ago we took the kids to the mall to see Santa. Kemper loved it, and asked Santa for a shirt with a fuzzy candy cane on it........don't ask me, I have no idea why he wants that, it is gonna be hard to find. I might have to make one, and that is never a good idea, me making something :) He asked for his gun with a scope, and gun with a sword attacked to it. Chad is excited to get the toy guns for him. I thought for sure my husband would have already purchased a few real guns for Kemper, I mean he is 4 after all :) But Chad is actually waiting to get Kemper the real thing untill he is old enough to apreciate it, and take care of it. How totally responsible of my man. I was wrong in thinking he would buy a gun that he(chad) actually wants, and pass it of as a gun for Kemper! There is always next year though! It was really fun, even though Andie was freaked out about Santa, wich wasn't really a suprise. I didn't realize she wouldn't want him within a 10 foot radius though.