Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fall pictures

My kids love the hot tub at Grandmas house, and Chad decided to take Bridger in and he loved it!  Think I might have another water baby.

                                           Some of the Fife cousins and Kemper at my moms house
                                                               The big Bridge and Chad
                           The pumpkin patch that we had in our back yard garden.
                                      Kemper with one of his friends Avry, sitting with all of our pumpkins!
 All the men and the boys went on a hunting trip this year.  They used to go every year but then stopped for a few years.  I hope they keep the tradition going.  Kemper loves it, and someday Bridge will be old enough to go to!  I don't know how much hunting the men get to do with all the kids, but they still had a blast.
 Chad actually built this stove to keep the huge tent warm.  My man is so dang handy to have around!
 The one and only deer that was shot.  Brett shot it, and you can't see but it is actually a spike.
 The boys shooting their bb guns!  If this is not a red neck picture I don't know what is :)
 My husband has also been killing plenty of ducks this year as well.  He has friends from work he goes with and also his brother and brother in law Jeremy.  Kinda sad, and the jerky he made was pretty gross!
 Bridger at the Carlson's pumpkin carving party.  We have been invited for a few years now and the kids love it, and get to play with some other cousins they rarely see.

 All the finished pumpkins!
                                                      Chad and Kemp showing of their creation
                                                           Andi really just wanted to snuggle hers

 Halloween night before we start our trick-or-treating!  Andi is a princess, Bridger a monkey, and Kemper is a bucket zombie from his favorite game called Plants vs. Zombies, google it if you have never heard of it.
 We all met at The Gage's house and here is Brett with his three seriously cute BSU fans!
                                       Here is the group before we headed out for the night!

                                                               This monkey suit barely fit him, my fat little monkey!