Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Seven years already! (cheesiness is included)

Yesterday Chad and I celebrated 7 years of marriage. We got sitters for our kids and we stayed in a hotel for the night. It was so much fun, and the whole night we were reflecting on the time we have had together. And how lucky we are to have found each other. We were talking about those major moments when we were dating that we knew we had to be together forever. One such moment for me was on I think our second date, and we were coming home in his truck. I was sitting next to him. We were still at that kinda shy, not really sure what to do or say next stage. It was dark, and we had pulled up to a light, and he leaned down and gave me a soft kiss and a smile, and then looked back up at the light. It will sound weird, but I can't explain what that moment felt like. Tingling and butterflies from my head to my toes. Nothing like I have ever felt before. And this girl that was afraid of commitment, and terrified of being with one person for the rest of my life, was forever changed. Everything about me that I felt was damaged didn't seem to be anymore. And everything just made sense for the first time. It was like coming home after a long time away. Of course I am not perfect, and he is not perfect. And we have our arguments, and drive each other crazy!! Mostly in a good way:) But together we have found perfection, and I am so thankful I have him. And for the life we have built together. I am especially grateful for those two kids in his truck that night, that understood that this was it, and decided not to screw it up! I Love you Chadwick.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Boating with the Gerratts

Our family riding in the boat
Andi spending quality time with her dad before he has to leave for work
The Dad's with their kids, getting ready to jump into the water
Chad giving surfing a try for the first time

He got right up, that is my man!

Scott and Sommers both are great at driving the boat.

Sommers surfing

Kemp laughing at something Sommers did

Snack time for the kids

Shaydon and Sommers

Scott took Kemp with him on the Surf board

They got right up, Kemp was loving it. He told me he was the best surfer ever :) pretty sure Scott had a lot to do with that!

The tired little 2 year olds! Andi and Shaydon both took a little snooze while we were boating

We are cool in our sunglasses. (Actually I think I was wearing Sommers while she was surfing!)

It is a real smile!!! I just had to have proof that yes, she really does smile :)

They are such good buddies

Sommers wrote the kids' names in the sand, and they played on a little beach before we left.

We had such a great day boating yesterday. Our good friends, and niehbors, Scott and Sommers, and their little boy shaydon, invited us to the lake with them. It was the perfect day to go. It was about 104 degrees, and the water was great. It was so great everyone in Boise must have had the same idea, there was a 40 minute wait to unload and park at Spring Shores. So we had to go up further to Macks Creek. It was worth it though, we all had a blast. Chad was able to go for a couple hours then we had to drop him back off at the dock. The rest of us stayed till after eight. Andi and Shaydon did so awesome without their naps, they never cried or got sick of the boat. And we were out all day. I tried surfing, and I got up. But staying up is something I am going to have to work on. It was so hot that I was thankful we had the lake to swim in to cool down. It was the first time I remember it being so warm I didn't have to use my towel at all. I am already dreading the summer to end, it has been so fun. Next time hopefully my husband can stay the whole time, then it really would be completely perfect! Thanks again Scott and Sommers!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Four Wheeling and Fishing

Starting our journey
Chad and I traded back and forth with holding Andi and Kemp
I figured it would be too cold to swim, so I ddin't bring swim suits. Not smart, cause we stopped at some great hot springs. So my kids just went naked. Chad and I decided to sit this one out and watch :)
Kemp in the Hot springs, but see here is proof he does wear his swim suit :)
another great spot we found, Kemp caught two fish. And again, no swim suits :(
One of the fish he caught
Andi was loving the fish. She was devastated when we threw it back in the water
This spot had a huge beach for the kids to play in, it was great.
Andi chasing grasshoppers. She has a thing for bugs, loves them, and sometimes fears them at the same time. It is really cute though
Andi was so good without her afternoon nap. But sure enough, about 2 miles into our 15 mile ride back to the truck she fell asleep in my arms. It was tricky driving some of the really winding road with only one arm. And of course the one I was holding her with fell asleep, but it was worth it!
We were serioulsy wind blown by the time we got back to the truck!

We took the kids on an all day four wheeling trip on Monday. I was wondering how Andi would handle being on the ATV for such a long drive. Kemp has done it many times, and he loves it. Andi did suprisingly well, we had to stop a few times and let her run around a bit. We had a blast. My little boy is developing a serious fishing obsession though, Chad is so proud of course. I harass Chad a little cause most little boys are throwing footballs with their dads, mine is casting his pole with his. I will probably be the one throwing the ball for the kids around my house :) I must admit, he is dang good at the whole fishing thing, his dad has taught him well.

Speed Scrabble according to Scott Fife

I had to post this. Me, my Mom, and Brother Kyle were laughing so hard at this. They came over when Kyle was in town, to play speed scrabble. Most of the time Kyle just wins, but finally the last round my dad said he had won. We were all excited someone besides Kyle won:) So we took a closer look at his words...........we discovered, some of them weren't words at all! Our favorite was Manovy! Seriously, you just gotta love my Dad. Thanks for the laughs!

The Snake River Stampede kick off Parade

Eli, Halle, Kemper, and Andi watching the horses at the parade
Brett, the coolest mom in law Sharon, and she is holding Reese.
Andi was so excited about the horses

Emily letting Kemper ride her horse Leo
Andi's turn! My future cowgirl.
Halle looks right at home up there
Andi is thinking....I want to be a Stampeder some day, just like my Aunt Emily!
This is Leo giving Emily a kiss
Saturday was so fun. We went to Nampa to watch the Snake River Stampede Parade. Emily is in the parade with a group called the Stampeders. They are awesome, and the kids were so excited to see their Aunt Emily out there. We got to go back to the Idaho Center after the parade to see Emily and her group rehearse. It was great, and it made me so proud of my sis in law. She is really an amazing rider. She was so sweet to let all the kids have a turn on Leo. I will post pictures of the actual rodeo soon.


Kortini, Kodi, and Kemper fishing at the dock
My niece Halle, so adorable
Hudson and Andi. They are only one week apart, and they look like twins. They are starting to play to well together too.
some of the kids swimming
This is a good sign. Usually Andi won't let anyone but me, chad and my Mom hold her. Progress!
Another gorgeous niece Kenidi.
Dixie, making sure Kemp doesn't fall out of the boat!
Andi with her Dad. She really loved the boat, can't you tell by her overly joyful expression :)
It was fun swimming and hanging out with the family. Although it wasn't complete without the Gages, and JR and his kids. The boat would have really been at capacity then!