Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Book Club

Alicia, Me, Jessica, Dixie. (not shown Michelle, who left early, Emily, and Sara)
I am so excited we had our first Book Club meeting last night. We have been talking about it forever, so we finally decided to do it. The seven of us will meet once a month to discuss the book selection, and we chat about lots of other important things of course! Men, kids, clothes, politics......we all know woman like to talk.:) The book for this month is Alicia's pick, The Time Travelers Wife. I am super excited to read it, I have heard lots of great things about it. It will be great to have so many great books to read, and they will all be so different, and it is so fun just to be with great friends. Thanks Jess for putting it all together, and for the great food.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

YouTube - Carrie Underwood Peoples Choice "I know You Won't" Jan 7 2009

YouTube - Carrie Underwood Peoples Choice "I know You Won't" Jan 7 2009

Yes, I know I am a little nerdy about Carrie Underwood. I have loved her since American Idol, she is just so talented, and actually wholesome. If you have a minute you have to watch her performance at last nights People's Choice Awards. She took home 3 by the way. I am excited this is her next single, she sang the heck out of this song.....amazing.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Eve

Jake and Kemper on Krissy's bed. She makes them a plate of snacks and lets them eat on her bed everytime they are there. They love it, she is such a great Aunt.
Our family at Krissy's
I wanted to show some of the amazing food we had over there....yes that is Sushi, and pizza!
Bruce (father-in-law) made shrimp scampi, yum
Bruce, with Dixie and Zach
Krissy jammin out with Bailey and her new ipod, and little Pita
Me and Andie, she is never far from me! We were watching everyone play Wii
Kemper, testing out the mountain for us
sledding at Grimes Creek
Chad with Andie, she was mad the ride was over
Sommers and Kemper sledding
Me and Sommers, with Andie and Shaydon, in the Rhino
Kemp taking a ride with Scott in the Rhino, we will own one of these someday! I hope
Andie and me sledding behind the Rhino
It was a great way to end 2008. Sledding with our good friends Scott and Sommers, plus little Shaydon. Then it was dinner with family, and bringing in the New Year with games and Teyan and Jessica. It was our first trip to Grimes Creek this winter, but definately not the last. We love sledding. 2008 was a great year, and a hard year, with some difficult things to deal with. But our little family is stronger, and happier then ever. I am optimistic about 2009, and I know with Chad here with me we can bring our family through any trial. We have the 2 best children we could ever have wished for, they make me laugh, and sometimes make me crazy :) every day. I am blessed for every year with them, more like every moment actually. (thanks for the pictures I stole sommers, and Krissy)