Thursday, December 30, 2010

Seeing Santa at the Mall

                       We had been waiting for awhile, so they let Andi wait on this giant present.
The Santa was great, and he started laughing when Andi asked for a DS for Christmas!

What a difference a year makes. Last year Andi wanted NOTHING to do with santa, and would cry at the thought of actually having to talk to him. Not this year. She could not get on his lap fast enough. She continues to surprise me. What happened to my shy little girl? Not that I am complaining, it was so fun to see her hop on Santa's lap and tell him her name, how old she is, and what she wants. Maybe she has been watching her brother more than I thought. We all know he does not have a shy bone in his body.

Andi's first Pre-school Christmas program

                                          I was thinking she would be shy, but she definatly wasnt!
                                      Here they are singing Rudolf, which is her favorite song.
                                      More Santa claus songs. They all did great, it was so cute.

We put Andi into a preschool this year called Heathers Feathers. I had heard great things about it, and I am so glad we put her in. She has loved it, and even though she is young, I feel like she is really learning.  And the social aspect has been great too. I am a big believer in preschool, and I am grateful we found a great one! They did a really cute Christmas program and Andi was not afraid of the big room filled with adults. Maybe Kemp won't be the only entertainer in our family after all.

Kemper starts Judo

We have been wanting to start Kemp in Karate or something similar for awhile now. We have heard it is great in teaching respect, and in patience. Plus it takes alot of energy out of him. Chad found a great place taught by one of his co-workers. Kemper really loves it, and is picking it up really fast. I think we might have found something besides shootin, and fishing, that he will love and be great at.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The first snow of Winter

 Andi and Kemp spent some time with thier cousins Emmersen and Charlee. Here they are eating cookies
 There was hardly any snow, but they made good use out of it. This was the first couple inches that has      fallen this year. And they were sooo excited to get outside and make the first snowman.

 Grant, Chads cousin is striking a pose. Which he does well. He should have thought about a career in modeling.
 Chad is loading up the 4-wheelers to take the kids sledding in the mountains.
                    We love it when Grant and his wife Shalie come to visit. We always have so much fun
                                   Here is Kemp after attempting to ride his scooter in the snow.
                                           My kids with the morgan boys making snow angels.
 I had to put this one in here. Andi was upstairs in her room reading, and I realized it was too quiet, so I went up to check on her. She had fallen asleep on her floor. It was really cute, she slept like this for over an hour!
                                                              My little snow lovers.

Winter is here in Idaho, and so far we have seen a lot of snow. Both my kids are really into playing outside, and the cold winter is no exception. That is why I keep thier snow gear right there in the downstairs closet where at the first sign of a flake we can get stuff out. The Morgans came to visit during Thanksgiving break and it was great to have them. I didn't take any Thanksgiving pictures though. I have been really slacking. I keep telling Chad it is cause I need a better camera :) eventually I will wear him down.