Monday, July 28, 2008

Moving out

Kemper is ready to move, Andie doesn't look so sure!
Someone find the packing tape.
All her clothes must be packed
The last fire in our sweet fire pit
We had to have marshmellows of course

Tonight is our last night in our first house. I am feeling a little sad I will admit. We have had so many great times here. This is where we started our little family. I was feeling so sentimental I insisted we had one more fire, for old time sakes. We have a canal that runs right behind our house, its been so great having no rear neighbors. Pepsi will miss the canal, for sure. I am ready to open the next chapter in our lives, but leaving is still hard. We found a great rental, wich we will have about a year while Chad builds us a house. At least that is the plan right now. Kemper and Andie were loving the boxes, okay mostly Kemper was loving the boxes! We put most of our stuff in a POD and we will live 2 weeks with my Mom and Dad until our rental house is ready to move into. I will post pics of the house soon. I can just blog from my Mom's computer. Hopefully my energetic son isn't too much for my gracefully ageing parents, whom I love very much!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Anniversary

July 20th was 6 years for Chad and I. We are taking a trip to Vegas in August to celebrate. July is just way to crazy to celebrate this month. Anyway, I must say it has been an amazing 6 years. I could not ask for a greater husband. I never would have thought I'd be so happy with another person, and that my spouse would also be my best friend. The Lord has blessed us. I was really immature in my younger years, and I am just so grateful I was able to see what was right in front of me all along. So at the risk of sounding too cheesy, (probably too late) I know we have the fairytale, a realistic fairytale! Chadwick, I know you will read this and I hope you never loose sight of just how much I love you. I promise forever....remember.

Even More Camping Fun!!

We packed those kids on the 4-wheelers
Emma, Kip, and Emmersen
Emma letting Kemp listen to her i-pod
Chad in the water right by our camp
Andie was in her chair alot, she likes her snacks
Kip swimming at our favorite swimming hole
We have the best dog
Andie loved the water, and it wasn't that warm
Pepsi and her true love

Me with my kids
Kemper and Maddux
Crazy boys
My Dad pretending to get burned, the kids were hysterical
my Mom and Andie
My Mom with all 8 of her Grandkids

If you are sick of all the camping stuff just skip through this!! We had a great time with my family, Kip Fife and fam, Rick came up with Emmersen, and then my mom and dad came with Kami and Charlie the second night. It is the first time we have ever gone camping with my whole family, its hard to get everyone together on a weekend that works for everyone. It was so much fun, and we will definatly be making it a tradition every year from now on. Most of the kids piled into our trailer, and Andie did so good. We did a ton of 4-wheeling and swimmimg, and eating awesome camp food of course. We did have a run in with some crazy partiers the second night, but I don't feel like writting the whole story down. We didn't see any large meat eating animals, wich is a plus. I really needed this trip to get away from the stress of home, and finding a rental, and packing up my whole house. Uhg!! Good times, I hope we can get more trips in soon. Before you know it camping season will be over.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Boating at Lucky Peak

Okay, not the best family photo, but Chad's farmers tan is hot!
Andie and Kemp playing in the sand
Brett Gage, and my nephew Eli
Kemp, swimming by our dock
Kemp with his cousin Jake, they loved the boat.
Andie's first time on a boat
Grandpa Bruce let Kemper drive
Pandi, and Chad on our way back

Last night some of the family took the boat out for a test drive. It has been getting fixed for what seems like forever! It was great to get out there on the water. We were planning to ski, and wake board, but we realized we didn't have a flag! It was still fun though, Andie did great for her first experience on the boat. She is gonna be loving the boat this summer. I am excited to water ski, last summer I don't think the boat would have been able to pull me, I was very Pregnant with Andie.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The 4th of July

Grandpa Fife and Kemper
Maddux Fife
Mom and Dad Fife's pool
Andie's first time on a trampoline
Cousins, Andie and Hudson
Jake and Kemper
Some of the adults watching the firework show
Kemper gave the fireworks a big thumbs up!
some neices, Bailey, Kodi, Kenzie, and Kortni
Chad helping Kemp with a roman candle
This year we had a 4th of July packed with fun. We started at my moms house for a barbeque, and swimming. Then we headed to an evening barbeque with Chads side of the family. We ate, the kids played and the adults had a game of volleyball. (not my greatest skill for sure) Then around 10pm we headed to my house for fireworks. It has sort of become a tradition, and my brother and his family comes down, we have friends come over. We light of a ton of the illegals, and its awesome. I don't know where we will be next year, hopefully the house Chad is planning to build. And hopefully we can continue the tradition wherever we end up. I love this holiday, and all it represents, I love this great country and I'm thankful I get to live here everyday.