Sunday, August 24, 2008

The big strong man hike

Chad and Kyle gettin ready to cook dinner.
Kip, Kyle and my Dad. "Tasty!" To quote Kyle
My cute Dad after a long hike, I can hear him say, "that was nothin, I was in the Marine's!"
2 of the tents, they took 3. 3 tents for 5 guys??......Weird

This weekend, my Husband, my two brothers Kip and Kyle, my Dad, and my Brother in law Rick went on their annual hike into the Frank Church Wilderness. They hiked into a place called Vanity Lakes. They go for the fishing, and the hike. It is great they are all so close, and have made this a tradition the past 2 years. The places they go are really remote, and the hike is no walk in the park they tell me. I would love to go sometime, but this in a boys only thing! Ask my brothers and dad about listening for bears in the night, and Kips need to sleep in the middle. Chad tells me he knows now where my fear of bears came from! Love ya boys :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Me and Chad at the Paolo Nutini concert
Me, Jess and Teyan at concert, I love T in this pic!
Sorry, you really can't see Paolo at all
The Lion habitat at the MGM
Delicious Sushi lunch

Las Vegas was fun, we went with another couple we are really close with. The weekend flew by, but I was super excited to see my kids when we got home. This trip was the first time we didn't stay directly on the strip, and the first time we had a car. The hotel was nice, but I love staying on the strip, and then just walking everywhere. We went and saw Paolo Nutini at the Hard Rock, he sounded great. We were definatly the only people there not drinking, so we had fun laughing at all the drunk crazys! My husband was sweet, he gave me money to buy some clothes, and lets just say he was great in so many other ways too. Oh, and we found the best frozen yogurt place ever. Its called the Red Mango, I am sure all of you Vegas peeps will know what I am talking about. I am gonna be craving it, we will have to take another trip to Vegas just for the Red Mango.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vegas Baby!!

Tomorrow morning we are heading to Vegas for our belated anniversarry trip. My Mom, and sisters are helping with my kids, who I will miss like crazy. At least it is only a few days without them. I will have picutures to post soon. I went to post pictures from Kempers b-day party and I have no idea where they are on my Mom's computer, so lame. Anyway, it will be easier when we get our own computer set up again at our house next week. Hopefully my parents will TiVo the Olympics, I am a little obsessed. There are worse things to be obsessed with though, right? So here we come Vegas strip, us Mormons can't do alot of the things they have to offer but its still fun, and c'mon have you been to the Pirate show at Treasure Island?! :) No boring car show this year though, Chad is so not dragging me to that again.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Good times at Grandma and Grandpa's

Andie loved taking a bath in my Mom's sink

trying to escape
Chad bonding with Pandi
So cute

Swimming in the pool
My brother Kip loves to throw the kids into the pool
Kemper, totally horizontal. I meant to flip this picture
Grandpa, swimming with all his grandkids
My baby girl
Andie, and Grandpa
Kisses from Kemp
This past week has been fun living with my parents. The kids are in heaven, and Chad and I have date nights every night pretty much, we can leave when the kids are in bed cause my parents are here. We even had Kemper's B-day party here the other day. I will post his b-day pictures soon. Even though it has been fun, Chad and I are also excited to get into our new house we will be renting for a year. I mean, a girl can't live with her parents forever! Plus they don't stock their pantry with the healthiest food ever. I gotta get away from all this temptation!:) We will be moving in the 18th, after we head to Vegas for a few days. So here are just a few pictures of some of the things we have been doing lately.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The wait is over!

So I was one of those nerds that reserved my book early, (like they would ever really run out) and was there the first day to pick up Breaking Dawn at Borders. But we all know how great the books are and I can't wait to see what is going to happen. Just from reading the book cover I am pretty sure there is going to be some serious Jacob drama. It confuses me a little that she could be so torn between two men. But it makes for great reading though!! My mom is already trying to sneak it from me when I am busy with my kids, she is reading my copy now as I am blogging! I will be catching up with her soon, for sure.