Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If you want to take my picture, you better wrap me up!

I have never had pictures of my kids taken as newborns. Sad but true. This time around I decided since I know a great photographer, and she is my best friend and all, :) I would give it a try.  I was hoping to just get a couple cute pictures, so I was really excited when we did! The only catch, we discovered, is he loves to be swaddled and wrapped. It is the only way he will sleep. So naked pictures were out of the question. Oh, and my husband keeps our sunroom really cold. and the space heater can only do so much.
I just love his big lips, and he is so sweet. I am so glad I decided to do it. And thanks to Jess for being so patient with my baby, who was playing hard to get for the camera.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Welcome Baby Bridger!

                                                   Chad and Bridge. He is one proud Dad!
                                                                    "Hey, I know You!"
                           You would think is was a really rough day from this picture of me :)
                                                          My sister, me, and  big sis Andi.
 My wonderful Doctor. It took him a couple minutes to cry, but then, he really let us have it. He did go through alot that day!
Kemper is soooo in love with him.  He has like a perma grin whenver he is around him, and constantly wants to hold him. And I am sure Bridge didn't mean too, but Kemp definatly got the first smile from his little bro yesterday.

He is finally here!! My not so little man weighed in 8 lbs 11 ounces, 22 inches long. Wow, I could not believe I had that big of a baby in me. No wonder he was draining my energy. Its too baby he didn't take all the calories from me that I consumed over the nine months, ha ha!

I went in Wednesday morning for a scheduled induction. They started me, and I got my epidural. I didn't waste any time getting it. I am so glad because it worked SO great. I was totally relaxed all day, and feeling nothing! There is no other way to go...for me anyways :) It was great to just lay there and talk with Chad, my Mom, and Jess came in for most the day too. I really could not have asked for an easier labor, and delivery. And my recovery has been easy. I pushed a few more times with Bridge because of his postitioning on his way out.  And with the exception of our first night at home, he has been so easy. Knock on wood. 

We are all so happy to have him here, and although there are big changes, I want to just try and enjoy every moment.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bring on the Sledding!

Chad did lots of sledding with the kids since I couldn't do any. It was hard to just watch....pregnancy, boo.
 Andi actually went down the hill this time! She usually won't even go down slides at the park
 My friend Sommers and her so cute little guy, Slater. He was so good and just hung out and watched.
                                        My little daredevil cruising down the mountain.
                                        Scott made lots of trips up the hill with all the kids too.
 Alisha and Toms baby Rory. She is so cute in that pink snow suit. She can't wait to go sledding next year :)
                                                Shaydon was also fearless, and he owned that mountain.
              Buddies from birth. Andi and Shaydon. They went on the sled together alot.
 Tom, after a victorious run from the very top. I am suprised he didn't hurt himself this trip. He usually does
 Chad built us a fire. We roasted marshmellows and had lunch and snacks. Nice and toasty!
         Avry and Edyn. I don't think these two ever took a break the whole time we were there.
                     Andi loves Sommers.All those playgroups I guess! She took a moment and snuggled up to her.
 Chad and I took my niece Emersen with us. She had so much fun, and is always a little ray of sunshine.
                                                                       Love these two!!

A few days ago we went up to Grimes Creek with some friends to do some serious sledding. We love this spot, and go a couple times at least every winter. I was pretty much there for moral support, I thought sledding 9 months pregnant might not be the best idea! It was really fun though. The kids did so good, and had so much fun. No one ever said they were cold, or complained about wanting to leave. In fact after over 3 hours of sledding, and it was getting dark, we had to convince the kids to leave.  I can't wait to go again in a few weeks when I am no longer with child, and sled with my kids. Sledding really is the best thing about winter. Actually, the only good thing about winter!

Christmas day at Grandma and Grandpas

 Andi and Emersen playing with the new horses Andi got that morning. Andi loves Em j, it is pretty cute.

 Some of the mounds of presents at my parents house. I was proud, she actually wrapped alot of them
 Shaylan and her boyfriend J Bieber. She is obsessed with him, her parents got her this large cutout and she had to bring it over to show everyone.
                    An attempt at a picture of all the grandkids. You gotta love candid pics right! :)
Kemp got Shay this bieber calendar for Christmas. Did I mention she is obsessed with him??!

Christmas this year was wonderful. The only negatives were Chad had to work, and my camera was dead on Christmas eve when I went to take pictures of my kids opening gifts so their dad could be there. At least I charged it up in time to head over to the Grandparents house.  Next year we will have 3 kids at Christmas. So crazy!! And I will be much better about taking more pictures. And lets hope Chad does not have to work either, it doesn't feel like Christmas without him.