Monday, February 16, 2009

The Fife family McCall trip 2009

Our family braving the snow storm
Kemper and Maddux sledding
Kemper holding Andie on the sled behind the 4-wheeler
Mackay, Emma, and Emmersen
Me and my baby
Maddux and Kip
Me, with my forever Valentine!
Chad willingly wore this all day on Valentine's. (there might have been a little perssuation on my part)
Chad suprised me with these flowers, we both said we would wait to celebrate V-day......but we kinda cheated
Charlie, and Andie snuggling, they did that alot this trip
Andie and her favorite new buddy Cubby, he was so cute with her
Some of the family eating dinner
Maddy, and Kemp doing some drawing
A big tradition in the Fife family-speed scrabble
Emmersen, Bompa, Shaylan, and Kemp
Kip heading out to go running
Together again!
Andie with Grandma
It was also Emmersen's B-day. She is 7!!! I can't even believe she is getting so big

Madagascar 2 movie afternoon. Such a great show.

This is one of my favorite traditions on my side of the family. We have so much fun in McCall every presidents weekend in February. This year we stayed for the first time in Amy's Dad's cabin, that he just added on to. It was great, there was tons of space, and the streets were perfect for hookie-bobbing. We definatly did some crazy driving with that 4-wheeler, and everyone fell off a few times. We went swimming, we ate so much great food, the boys played Catan every night till the wee hours. We played lots of Wii, and all the kids played really well, (almost all of the time) I look forward to this weekend away with my family all year long, and it just gets better every year. Next year we will have one more new addition, Kip and Amy will have their baby girl there, I am excited for that. I am blessed to have such a fun, loving, amazing family, and I could not ask for a better one! I am glad that Chad loves them too, and he acts like he has been in the family forever now. He will talk to my Dad for hours about General Custer (my dad's favorite) now that is love!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Party at Krissy's

She had really cute decorations, and tons of candy as you can see
Kemper holding the mailbox Krissy got for all the kids
Krissy with her glue gun
Hudson, my nephew, he is such a little poser! So cute!
Bailey and Codi, (nieces)
My newest little Niece, baby Reece. We were trying to get her to wake up......newborns ya know!
The sweet pinata
Zach, my brave brother-in-law, voluntered to hold the pinata. He was concerned a bit, as the picture shows :)
Most of the kids waiting for their turn at the pinata
Kemper, with his pinata candy. We ended up with 3 bags of candy and cookies. Thanks Krissy, just what we need at our house!
Tonight my sister in law Krissy, had a big Valentine bash for all the kids at her house. It was really fun, and she always goes above and beyond to make sure the kids have a great time. It was fun for us grown ups to have an excuse to hang out too. Chad is out of town for the week so he didn't get to come, I am sure Kemp will tell him all about it on the phone tomorrow though. It was sweet, all the older kids started making Valentine's for each other, and the younger kids. I really love this Valentine's thing.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

McCall Ice Festival, and weekend at Riggins.

All of us in front of the Lockness Monster
Andie getting eaten
Kemper going down a slide on one of the sculptures
This sculpture was awesome, and you can see one of the many faces carved into the tree trunk.
A grizzly getting ready to eat a Salmon
Chad and Andie with their drinks at the hotel
Me and my boy
Krissy with her camera! She takes great pictures, wich I will be stealing from her blog soon!
Zach, Dixie, and Chris. We hung out in the upstairs loby alot
Chad swimming with the kids. Notice his battle wound on his back from his recent surgery. Good thing I think scars are really sexy! :)
In the outdoor hot tub
Kemper getting ready to steal a kiss from sister
He is the best big brother to her
Outside of our Hotel by the River. It is beautiful. Andie hates stopping for pictures, she loves running around.
Every year Chad and I take the kids up to Riggins (small town by McCall) we stay the weekend and swim, and see the ice sculptures. It is so much fun, and a great tradition we have. This year most of Chad's siblings and his Dad came along too. We had so many kids in the Hotel! I should have taken more pictures, that is why I will probably post again with some of Krissy's pictures!