Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Annual Cluff Convention

Me and the Family after the Cluff Convention in Provo
Uncle Larry and Aunt Marry Ellen. They were so sweet to let my parents, and me and my two kids stay at their house for a few nights.
Aunt Marry Ellen reading to Kemper before bed. Kemper is still talking about the books she read him.
This bird is so cool. His name is Bayou, and he does all sorts of tricks. He loves Marry Ellen, here he is giving her a kiss.
Kemp had a sunflower in his mouth and Bayou took it. Kemp was a bit nervous at first.
Kyle with his girlfriend Brittany. She is so great. They were discussing their basketball picks.
At dinner, with lots of the cousins and we went to Golden Corral  one night. I apoligize for my older, very mature brother Kip in the back. He just always wants the attention, ya know!
Kyle proudly displaying the Cluff cup during his speech at the Convention. He did so amazing, such a great speaker.
Eating at the luncheon after
Uncle Larry made a fire one night and this is Kemp attempting to roast a hotdog. He was saying it was too hot.
So he took a break, and I got stuck with the job!! It was pretty funny
My Dad gets a little camera happy, and he took a picture of my glass of  the Coldest water in the world. I use to think when I was young my Dad truly made the coldest water in the world, it seems like it is even now that I am all grown up.
My Aunt Marry Ellen has the greates toys. I would play for hours with them when we used to visit as a little girl. And I was so excited to see she kept them all!! So this was Andi's favorite thing the whole time we were there (the animals were a close second!) Ficsher Price really knows how to make toys.
Really Funny story: On our way to Salt Lake we had a blow out on the freeway. I was with my sister and her two girls, and I had borrowed my sister in law Krissy's Van. We were almost to Ogden when it happened. Luckily, everyone was fine, and I was cool under pressure, and got us safely to the side of the freeway :) But there were tons of cars zooming past, and my sister and I are pathetic, I will admitt, and didn't know how to change a tire! Later a couple cops came wich was great. In the mean time, Emersen, my eight year old neice was crying and scared. The rest of the kids were fine. She was having a hard time. Kemper tried to calm her down a couple times as he looked up semi-interested from his DS. Finally, he looked up at a sniffling Emersen and Said "Keep it in perspective....geeze" and went back to his DS. I could not believe my 5 year old said that!!  He seriously cracks me up, all the time. I always think he isn't listening to me, but here is proof he is. I know I have told him many times to Keep it in perspective :) 
Kemper holding one of the baby hampsters. Thanks Aunt Marry Ellen, this is ALL he has talked about since we got back!
Stoking the fire!
This is for all you rodent lovers out there, ha ha!! You have to admit they are cute!
The 4 siblings and my parents at the Convention.

This past week I took my two kids, and picked up my sister and her two kids and we headed to Utah to see family and go the Anual Cluff convention. Our husbands both had to work :( but it was a fun road trip with my sister. So Cluff is my Great Grandfather. He did all sorts of things for BYU back in the day, and it is pretty cool really. Anyway, it was such a fun weekend. I am so glad I decided to go and take my two kids. They never really get to see my side of the family in Ulah. We did some shopping, we went to the Dinasour Museum wich was so great. The kids went swimming. Of course I forgot my camera! So my Dad gave me some of his. My cousin Shannon and her teenage girls, and my neices Emma and Shaylan, were so awesome and watched all the little kids while we went to Provo to see Kyle speak at the Convention. My kids LOVED spending time With Aunt Marry Ellen, and Uncle Larry. And are already asking me when they can go back. And Kemper is convinced he has to have a hampster now!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Good times

Chad made artichokes one night, the kids both loved them
It was Dr. Suess B-day week for Kemper at school. So I took a few pictures of the different things we did every day. Monday was crazy hair day. And then Friday was Dress up like your favorite character from Dr. Suess day. His hair was kinda blue, but you can't really tell in the picture. He also had an inside out day, crazy hat day, and dress in red and white day. He loved getting up every morning last week, thats for sure!
Andi and Kemper like to play in this cupboard in the office sometimes. It is pretty cute.
Kemper with one of his girlfriends :) He told me, "Mom, I think I am starting to fall in love with Brooke" Oh begins already.
Andi, Kemper, and Pepsi hanging out in the back of the truck while dad brings lumber out from Lowes
On Saturday, me and the kids went out to a construction job Chad has. It was fun to hang out with him on a saturday. Most of his Saturdays has been spent on this addition.
Chad took a break to fly kites with the kids
Andi, having a snack on the flatbed trailer. I love how she is finally smilling for the camera!!
Chad holding Ethan at Red Robbin, Jess and Teyan met us for lunch after Chads Graduation.
Some qualitly time with Dad! It is so cute to come home from a meeting and see my little family watching a movie in my bed.

Life has been busy, but great at our house. Chad is loving his new job. He just graduated on Friday from the first part of his training. I took pictures, but Chad says NO PICTURES of him in his police cothes, AT ALL. Which is a shame cause he looks really hot in them! He is pretty funny about it, I think they really discourage putting pictures on any public forum. And I am not ready to go private with my blog. So, I will just have to write about his experience so far with Ada County.  He just finished his first 6 weeks of training at the in-house Academy. It was so great to see him up there with his fellow officers. There was 8 of them all together. Chad was one of 4 that was not already working for Ada County in some capacity. Pretty amazing when you think of the hundreds that applied with him. He has learned so much, and he knows even more that this is what he wants to do. My Dad, and Chad's parents were there to see him graduate. I got to go up and pin his official badge on him. And we got to hear the Sheriff speak wich was pretty cool. He got Pepper sprayed, and tazored the last week. I really, really wanted to post pictures of that!! He did incredible at the shooting range where they had to qualify for their weapons (not a big surprise, Chad has been shooting since he as 3) I am so proud of him, and it is so great to see him so happy. Tired....but really happy. Next it is 5 weeks at the Police academy in Meridian. I will be really excited to get through the next five weeks and have Chad go to 4 days on 4 days off. And soon it will be summer, and we will get some time off for camping!!! It is funny, I am already thinking and planning our first trip.

Monday, March 1, 2010

My neice Halle is 4!

The Birthday girl!!
Some of the boys eating pizza.
Bay and Kort
JR and Chad just hanging out
We had some races through one of the bounce houses. This is me and Jennie. And yes, I won!!
Jeremy and Chad racing. It was really close, but Chad was the winner.
Andi. I am not sure what is going on with her hair, but she is still adorable!
Some of the kids waiting for the rock wall
Kemper climbing up
Here is Kemper going down. He has no patience so this is how he gets down fast :)
Jennie holding Reese
Reese is so cute, just starting to walk. Grandma is keeping a close eye
Some of Halle's friends, and Eli in the middle.
Kenidi, Halle and Peyton. These girls are pretty close.

My sis in law Krissy knows how to throw a party. She and Chris invited family and friends to Monkey Buisness for Halle's 4th B-day. It was so much fun. The adults had just as much fun I think. I just can't believe Halle is already 4. I always felt like the kids would stay little. And they just keep growing up!!! And they just get cuter too. Thanks Krissy for the great party. And Happy Birthday Halle Boo!