Friday, December 18, 2009

My 30th Birthday Dinner

Alisha is reading me the letter she and Jess wrote while they gave me all my B-day treats

On Tuesday night Chad and I went out with some of our couple friends for my 30th b-day.  My camera died so Jess took some great pictures and put them here on my blog for me (thanks bestie) It was so much fun! We went to Old Chicago, cause Pizza is my favorite. Alisha and Jessica knew I was stressing about turning 30. So they made it really fun and got me some great stuff, and wrote me a sweet letter Alisha read as she was handing me the suprises. They had little labels on the stuff and it was hilarious. Perfect for dirty minds like mine, :) I am so thankful for great friends who came, and two of my sister in laws that are best friends as well as sisters to me. So I think I am ready for this next decade of my life, in fact I am excited. And I will always have Chad with me, so that just makes every year better. (even if he harrasses me that he is younger than me) 30 is just more sophisticated, right??

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving break

My husband making his extra thick toffee!
Zach is really proud of his toffee
Jake and Kemper eating chilli
Andi, Hudson, Eli, Halle, and Payton, watching cartoons at Emily's
Chad, Emily, and Sharona Mom :)
Sharon, instructing Zach and I on the proper way to stir toffee.
Shaylan at our house playing Wii
Kemper with JR kids, who were over for a sleepover
Me and my girl at breakfast at Grandpa Bruce's house on Thanksgiving
I just loved this picture of Reese
Thats alot of kids to feed!
Hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa Fife's for Thanksgiving dinner
Amy, baby girl, and my bro Kip
Kemper, and Em J helping Grandma with the cool whip
McKay, and Kemp on the computer.......of course
Andi and Emmersen. Can't wait till she can start babysitting for me!
Everyone just hanging out
Brittany (kyles girlfriend!) and Kyle having pie
Andi playing puppy with Emma
Shay and Andi playing some piano

Grandpa and his newest grandchild, Nora. So cute!
We have had a great couple of weeks, I love this time of year with family. I am hoping Chad will be spending Christmas with us, and not on his graveyard shifts :)
Krissy had her baby over the break too! He is so cute, I will have pictures of little Daxton soon.