Friday, June 26, 2009

Camping and sleepovers

Chad and the boys fishing (They did this A LOT)
Their one and only catch of the trip. They ate this for breakfast
Andi playing with some toys, it is a good look for her
The boys were so cute with Andi
My manly husband cutting some wood for us, and the kids were holding the log down for him
My nephew Jake is so dang cute
Me with a couple of my favorite boys!
Ghost story telling. Chad was telling a story about a chubby chipmunk that bit little boy's pinki fingers off. Jake and Kemp were a bit concerned at first. I was trying so hard not to laugh at loud as my husband told this terrifying story.
Jake, he finally realized how ridiculously funny Chad's chubby chipmunk story was. Kemper on the other hand announced he was ready for bed after the chipmunk tale:)
Kemper taking his turn telling a ghost story
The trailer at our house before we took it camping, this is where Kemp and the cousins had 2 nights of sleepovers.
Kemper with the Johnson girls, Kodi, Kortini, and Kenidi, eating dinner in the trailer at my house
Getting ready for bed in the trailer. They all slept the whole night out there, they were so excited, I took a movie and popcorn out there for them.
The next night we had the Hessing kids over for sleepover #2. Here they are with Kemp and Andi waiting for the popcorn. Chad was SOOOOO excited about his popper he brought home the other night. He doesn't get excited about a lot of things, so it is cute when he gets boyishly excited for something. Usually it is a gun.
They all thought it was pretty cool
We have been doing a lot of fun things over the last month and I have been horrible about blogging lately. We have been swimming, and camping, and hanging with friends, and getting settled in the house. I love all my nieces and nephews so much, and it is great Kemp has them so close by.
Andi is getting so big, she is talking more and more, and doing the cutest things. I am going to devote a whole post soon to some of her and Kempers cute habits right now, since I wanted to make this blog thing more like a journal. So far, I am failing!! I will get better, hopefully :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

For the love of Dora

I just had to take a picture of this, it is so cute. Andi is totally obsessed with Dora The Explorer. Her bedroom is on the second level, and our Tv is downstairs but mounted on the wall. She was making her way downstairs and I had turned dora on for her, she sat there and watched it between the railing bars for the whole episode!! Sometimes she will stick her arm through the bars and say "Dora!" over and over again till I turn it on. I am still getting used to her loving Dora thing. Kemper loved Bob The Builder, but he would never sit and watch a whole episode, ever. He rarely does that now. I will have to restrict her tv time, wich I never had to worry about with Kemp. It is cute to see how much she loves it though, she loves Winnie the Pooh too.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Catching Up (Lots of it!)

Michelle cutting some delicious pinapple, Sommers, Jess, and Alicia. The woman were hanging out while the husbands kept an eye on the grill
Jessica made our favorite cake, here is Sommers and Michelle eating it
I was complaining about my dog shedding so much, so Mark brushed her for me! Now that is a nice guy, Michelle has him well trained.
Andi and Edyn in Pepsi's dog crate. So gross if you think about it, but they were having so much fun playing in it
Kemp and Sam, the kids ate outside on the grass
best little buds, Shaydon and Andi
Peek-a-boo Andi
Bailey and Kemper at Settlers Park
They have water at the park, it is really fun but way to far to drive on a regular basis
Some bigger boys were nice and pushed Jake and Kemp on the tire swing
Andi, watching the kids while they were fishing
It was so cute, all the kids kept catching fish, and they were all so excited
Grandpa putting another worm on Kenzie's hook
Andi at Kami and Ricks house Memorial Day
He looks like he is praying!
Charli and Andi, my camera died right after I took this so I coudn't take anymore pictures the rest of the day.
Kemper trying out his new slip and slide. Which is already broken........I think a garbage bag would be more durable.
Maddux and Kemp play at least once or twice a week
My best friend Jess opening gifts at her baby shower
Sommers and I threw her a shower, but I can't take credit for all the great decorations, Sommers made everything look so awesome.
Jess had a cookies and milk theme, so delicious
Sommers made this stuff herself
Can't wait to meet little Ethan!!
I know this is the longest post ever! I haven't had my computer set up, so all the pictures have just been accumulating. It has been a crazy couple of weeks moving in, and doing stuff with Chad and the kids. We have been busy for sure, but time sure flies!