Thursday, August 26, 2010

A puppy party for Andi

Here is the birthday girl helping me ice cookies for her party
Kemp is such a big help for me. He was asking me all day how he could help get ready for her party
Face painting. She wanted to be a pink puppy, of course.
Some of the decorations (thanks Sommers and Jess!)
We had a doggie obedience school. If they did their tricks right they got treats.
Andi is fetching the ball.
I was excited we found this adorable puppy pinata
I can't believe she is 3.
Eating cake and ice cream in their doggie bowls
But Andi was the only one who skipped the fork and ate like a real puppy. She takes this being a dog thing to a whole new level.
My little girl is obsessed with dogs. She is pretending to be a dog a good portion of every day. So needless to say she was really, really, excited about having a puppy party. It was so fun, at 3 they really start to understand the whole b-day thing, and they get so excited. It is bittersweet though. Because she is growing up. And she is, and will be, my only little girl, so I am not ready to let go of her innocent youth. I am sure all you mom's can relate. She has been my little angel since the day she was born. I was sooo nervous about having a girl, and would I have the same love for my second, as I did for my first. It is amazing the capacity of love one heart can hold isn't it? And how when she came it seemed like she was always meant to be with us. And to see the way she has daddy wrapped around her little finger too,(I am not sure he even knows how to say no to her) is a testament to her heart warming ability. She can be shy, and sensitive, but she is also so warm and loving. She loves to snuggle and give kisses. She wants to do anything her big brother is doing. She does that thing where she pats and rubs my back when I give her a hug. She reminds Chad and I every day the she is "Just little" and I wish there was some way she could stay that way. But as long as she is happy and always knows how much me, her dad, and her brother(s) love her, that is all I can hope for.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Camping with The Fizers

Halle and Kemper. Halle was having fun I promise! I just snapped the picture in a moment she was telling me something about the tractor.
Some of the pictures turned out blury. Here is Chris with Hudson and Kemp. Chad is getting the firewood of the back.
They could be twins!! Andi and Hudson the cutes cousins ever.
Getting ready to go swimming
Little Daxton. I keep telling Krissy I can take him for awhile if she wants me too. He is so sweet, I just love him!
What is camping without shooting soda cans??
                                This is Andi. I know it is hard to tell beneath the layers of dirt! I have never seen a kid get so dirty, so fast. She was covered. We kept joking about the homeless girl in out camp :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

My boy is 6!

My wonderful Mom decorated this cake.
Blowing out the candles
All the party animals together
The start of the Indiana Jones obstacle course
They had to drink the bloody, eyeball kool-aid
The deadly balance beam

It still does not seem real that my little man is 6 years old. I wish I could stop time sometimes. He is my wonderfully busy, loud, and tender hearted guy. He is one of a kind thats for sure. Every day he does, or mosty says something, the makes me laugh out loud. My Mom keeps telling me to put it on my blog. I plan on doing a whole post of things Kemp has said over the summer. He keeps us all entertained. And he is such a great big brother to Andi. I know this baby is lucky to have him as a big brother as well. Right now he is really into Indiana Jones, fishing, riding his bike, anything outdoors,  and walking the dog for me. He is so friendly with everyone he sees, not a shy bone in his body. I hope he never changes. I told him he can't ever grow up and not want to kiss his mom anymore. He said, "I will always be your little boy mom, and want to kiss you" I am going to show him this when he is a teenager as proof! We love you so much Kemper James, and I feel so amazingly blessed (and not always worthy) the Lord sent you to our family.