Saturday, June 19, 2010

Carrie Underwood, Concert #3!!

The first opening act. The Sons Of Sylvia. They kept turning around while Lex was trying to take the picture

The 2nd opening act. Craig Morgan. He was pretty amazing.
Lexie and I passing time until Carrie came on!
She was flawless. Totally amazing
This was so cool. She Got into this truck and it went right over the top of the audience as she sang.
Here she is reaching out to touch me!! :)
She sang, This Is Just A Dream, while she was swinging on this swing
The Carnival background was so cool. And she blew us away with.. I Know You Wont. Love that song
It was so fun to be there with one of my oldest friends from Highschool, Lexie.

Yes, it is already known, I am a HUGE Carrie Underwood fan. I don't care how many times she comes to town I will always go to see her. She gets better with every concert. I loved how she played the guitar, and she played the piano.  She put even more into it this time. I am sure it cost her alot of money. So worth it. Usually we go in a big group, this year it was just Lex and I. We went to dinner before at Bajio (my favorite) And then it was off to the Idaho Center. Poor Lexie got pulled over and got a speeding ticket on the way there. Sometimes cops can be lame. Not my husband though ;) I forgot my camera, so Lexie sent me hers. We had such a great time. I already can't wait for her to come again, you can bet we will be there, and expect more pictures!

Friday, June 11, 2010

1st Grade, here he comes!! I hope you are ready!

Kemper and his best little girl friend Brooke. The one he said he thinks he is falling in love with :)

My camera was being weird and all the pictures are blurry. But this is Kemp right after he walked the line and got his diploma from the Principal.

I still can't believe my baby boy, my chubby little Arizona (he used to be a butterball!) is done with Kindergarten, and in a couple short months will be a big 1st grader. I can't be old enough to have a six year old!! I feel like I blinked, and he has become a little boy. He is so special. Full of enery, so funny, so smart, and so tender. He is really social, and has no fear. I know he will have no problem adjusting to a new teacher, and to a full day of school. I just hope I don't have any problems with it!!

Our first HALF camping trip

Our adventure begins! This is Brett in the Weenis

Chad and I took the Regina of course
The kids had lots of fun playing with the toys in the dirt

Chad and Brett chillin together
Alisha took some great pictures in the long grass of Andi. And here is Teyan pulling Ethan and Reese in the wagon. Wich they really loved.
Kemper and the kids took the dog for a walk.
Tom went on the walk with the kids. And Andi decided she was needed a lift at the end :)
Jess is trying to capture a Kodak moment with T and Ethan
Andi loves Pepsi
We decided not to set up Andi's playpen. She did so great sleeping in the bed with dad. She is ready for a big girl bed.

We went with The Marlatts, the Curtis's and the Gages, on a camping trip a few weekends ago. We had pre-paid for this spot. So even though we feared the weather was going to be aweful, we dediced we might as well try. The first afternoon and evening were great. The kids had so much fun. The adults laughed, and we had deep conversations at the campfire. Ya know like...what is a soul mate, really? And was Satan literally a snake in the Garden of Eden? You probably had to be there really :) We had great food too. The next morning it was miserable. Raining, windy, and COLD. The kids wanted to take cover in one of the trailers at all times. By the time we were done with breakfast we all decided we should pack it up and head home. Plus, Alisha and Tom had their baby Rory there, so she was really cold. It was fun while it lasted. We have never had bad weather on a camping trip, ever. It was sad to have to leave, but it was the best choice. The weather has been so lame here in Idaho. I hope it gets hot soon, so we can go and give this group camp out another try!