Monday, March 21, 2011

Fife Family McCall trip 2011

                                     Maddux and Kemper with the very popular Pokemon Book
                                                                 Me and my man
                                                                      Kyle and Dad
                                               Most of the trip we spent doing this!
                 I discovered later that Kemp was getting sick. I can totally see it in this picture
                                                 Andi, thinking she might drive
                                                           Me and my Pandi girl
 Chad digging the snow tunnel. My brothers said he wouldn't or couldn't do it. But that if he did they would spend a whole night in it. Chad took that bet.
 Kyle is the only one man enough to attempt the night in the cave. Notice the sign Chad made :)
                                                      Kyle looks pretty awesome here.
 Kyle took blankets and cushions (I am serious) he was all about the comfort.
                                                         He is ready for the night!
                          This is Kip, Dad, and Chad, looking into the snowcave at Kyle.
                                                      Kip and baby girl. Nora.
                                                     Andi hanging with Bompa
 Probably the only time Chad held Bridge the whole time :) My mom had him constantly
                                                           My little Bridge!!
                                        Andi went in to say goodnight to Nora and Amy

 I joked with my Mom that she was my nanny. It was so nice, she insisted on holding him and feeding him the whole trip. It was a welcome break, I must admitt. I hope I can be a Grandma like her someday.
 Cause my mom always had the baby, I got to spend some quality barbie time with Andi.

Andi loves her little bro
A random picture of Kemper and Andi with my sisters kids after a dip in the hot tub at Grandma and Grandpas house.  The girls didn't get to come to McCall, we missed them.

Another great year at McCall. This time was a bit different cause I had a 6 week old baby. At that time he was still pretty fussy in the early evening hours. My mom was amazing and took him, and didn't mind at all he hated his evenings.  It was such a great time though. The snow cave was the highlight of the trip. Chad dug it, and Kyle said he would spend the WHOLE night out there. So he made his bed, Chad made an air tube, and a piss pot. Yes, a piss pot. I want to go on record to say Kyle USED the piss pot, ha ha! He went out and they sealed him in about 2:00 am. And he snuck into the house at about 5 am. So we congratulated Kyle on his NAP in the snow cave. But he was the only one that attempted it, so gotta give him some props!