Friday, April 16, 2010

Graduation #2!!

It has been a long time since I did a words only post! But I need to be better about writting things down, and not just putting up pictures. I wish I could put up pictures but like I said before Chad says, NO pictures of him in uniform. He actually keeps trying to get me to go private....but I don't want to deal with doing that right now!

Today was a great, amazing day. I watched my husband graduate from POST. We had lots of family and friends come to see him, and those that couldn't come sent their love :) It was really cool. There were 42 total graduating. Chad has been working hard this past 5 weeks, and he is always in at least the top 5 when it comes to physical exams, written exams, and shooting. I am so proud of how hard he works, and goes after what he wants. And I have to give him a reality check when he is beating himself up about getting a 92% on a test!! Some perspective babe, please :)  After he walked the line and we opened his packet on our way to lunch, we found out he had ranked second overall out of 42 deputies for outstanding achievement!! And it was really close. (So of course I have to cheer Chad up about coming in second) It is so sureal knowing how hard it was to get to this place, and how much he went through.  And now to get to see this fire in him I have not seen in a long time, he is getting so much fulfilment from this. The Lord really has been good to us. And watching him today and seeing him graduate made everything so worth it. I will hold on to today, on days that are not so amazing. Cause I know as a cop, he will have some hard times. But we are ready and we can handle it together. Thanks for letting me brag on my Man a little bit:) I guarantee it won't be the last time.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter and a hamster named Mario (what else would you expect?)

Kemper and his new furry little friend, Mario. It is fitting he is wearing his Mario Wii pajamas don't you think?
Mario loving this dandilion. Thanks for the tip Aunt Mary Ellen!
Emmersen, and Charli loved playing with Mario on Easter Sunday at my Moms
Chad would say, "Kemper don't kiss the rodent!" :)
My sister read a sweet story to get everyone in the Easter spirit.
The search for the eggs is on!
Kyle hid the eggs, and I think its funny he thought Andi could reach through this thorny bush to get one of her orange eggs. We gotta get him some kids of his own, ha ha!
My Mom and Dad hid a little toy for all of the kids somewhere. And here is Andi with her petshop present.
Shay is reading one of the clues to find her easter present

Maddux and Kemp both loved their bats and ball
taking a break from the candy to play pet shops!
I love catching my boys snugling. If you know Chad, you know, he is a big snuggler.
Chad was harassing Kemper, and of course he thinks it is so funny.

Things are great around our house. The most exciting thing in the last week or so has been the hamster for sure! Kemper is loving him. I have to admit he is really sweet. My Brother Kyle brought him here from Salt Lake. My Aunt Mary Ellen had 11 baby hamsters, and she sold them all really fast. I am so glad we decided to get one. I thought 5 might be a little young for Kemper to have one, but he has been really great with the little fur ball! I would not leave him alone with Andi though, thats for sure!

Some random pictures I never posted

Just hanging out one taco Sunday
Kemper at one of our many trips with my family to Chuck-a-Rama. My dads favorite.......I have no idea why:)
Not sure what they are doing on my the hood of my parents' car, but I thought it was so funny!
My little man!
Emma swinging with Andi at the park
the kids like to play by a little stream behind my parents house.
My Mom will probably hate this picture! But it is candid Mom! :) someone was telling them something really interesting, ha ha.
Swimming at G-mas with some cousins from Salt Lake that were visiting
I am so ready for summer!!
Ice Cream cones at Grandmas on a Taco Sunday
Yes......Chuck-A-Rama. I feel really bad for the people that clean up after we eat there!
                                           My two brothers, Chad, and Rick, on their yearly Boy Trek.

So I feel pretty lame cause I left my camera on my tailgate, and then drove off with it there! So my camera is gone. I borrowed my dad's the other day, and I found lots of pictures I wanted to go on my blog for my book I am making. Thanks Dad, for all the fun, random pictures you take of the family!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Dinner #1! More to come, we like to celebrate!

The kids after the easter egg hunt
Grandma Sharon with Kenzie and Bailey

Andi could not wait to eat her treats so she sat down in the grass and opened one of her eggs
Searching for eggs
Emily and Brett's tramp is always a favorite!
Kemper helped Andi find eggs, he is such a great big brother.
G-ma Carving up some delicious ham for everyone to take home
Reese looks so cute in Kemper's Davy Crockett hat. Brett is a proud Dad :)
Krissy's latest addition Daxton. He is soooo cute
Coloring eggs
No way am I trusting my little girl around egg dye. That is why she is naked.
                                                                Kenzie is such a great Cousin.

On Sunday We headed over to the Gages house for an early easter dinner celebration. It was so nice of  Grandma Sharon to invite all of us, and  she made it so much fun for all the kids. Thanks Krissy for always taking so many great pictures. I lost my camera :( wich really sucks, I am so bummed. So I might be stealing other peoples pictures, and my dad's camera for awhile!( I hope that is cool Pa.) We can share it :)  Anyway it was a great time, I am so grateful my kids are getting to grow up around so many cousins. It is such a blessing, and I see it more and more as they get older.  Chad and I are blessed to have both sides of our families right here in Boise. My only complaint is saving room for all the food, from all the dinners we have every holiday!! :)