Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gone running!

 A week ago Chad and I went with Brett and Emily to Pocotello where we met Grant and Shalie so we could all run the Just Cuz half marathon there.  Chad did not run, but he did a great job taking pictures and being our driver!  It was so fun, realy cold, but fun!  It was so great to see the Morgans and to all hang out and have a couple days kid free! Everyone did so great.  I am so proud of Grant, Shalie, and Brett for rocking their first race! 

 We were already freezing before we got in the bus to head up the canyon.
                                                            Grant, Shalie and Me on the bus.  I was like the 5th wheel with my running couple friends! They made me feel wanted though ;)
                                                                My Gages!!
                                                               The race director had organized a flash dance before the race.  It was pretty awesome.  Grant actually went up and joined in although you cant see him in this picture.
                                                          Thought this picture that my husband took was cool cause its black and white and you can really see how hard it was snowing.
                   My dad was in Pocotello the same weekend for work (small world!)  and I thought he was too busy to come but he was there at the finish line! It was so great to see him, and such a nice suprise! This is me when I realize he is there in the green jacket.
                                                   Our group after photo.
                                                                  These Morgans are so amazing! Thanks for the Verizon shirts Grant!
                                                               Me and my biggest supporter!
                                                        The boys before dinner

                                                    This is kinda an inside joke! 
                                                              I am the 5th wheel in the middle remember!
                                                                         The TOU Marathon in September.  The rest of the group is missing from the picture though!  Emily finished at 4:09 and I don't know where she was when we took this.  My bro in law Chris ran it too but I don't know where he was either.   I was not sure I would survive this race, Bridge was only 8 months and my body was just not bouncing back like I was hoping it would.  I did  survive though, and my time of 4:28 was sooo much better then I thought it would be.  I have never been more stressed about a marathon before.  I have to say some thanks to my brother kip  for harrassing me every day until I signed up for the marathon.  I was not going to do it.  Huge thanks to my sis in law Emily for dragging me through those horrible long runs, and telling me I could do it, and just kicking butt in general.  And to my husband for being so cool about all the time spent training, and for telling me I would regret it if I did not run it.  You were so right babe!! Thanks for letting me do what I love, and being happy that I love it!

                                                             We sure did earn those freakin medals
                                                          The babies waiting for us to get done with our marathon
                                                    We went to Lagoon with the Gages, and the Fizers, and my mother in law, the day after the Marathon.  My wonderful mom took Bridger home with her so that I could go on rides with Chad and my older two kids.  It was such a blast!  And I did a horrible job with pictures.  The day went by way to fast and then it was back to reality.