Saturday, October 24, 2009

Visiting the Morgans

Shalie and her newest addition, Kenley. She is the best baby, she really made me want a baby!

We went to Gooeys, and it was sooo good. They are huge, I love how you can barely see Andi's head over the top of it.

Grant was always taking my camera and taking these great nostril shots of himself. He even put one on my phone as my walpaper (just what I always wanted) So I figured since he loves taking pictures of himself he would appreciate being on my blog!

Carving pumkins. Brad and his girlfriend came too.

Chase taking a treat break
Kemper and Kade. These two boys get along so well, I wish they got to hang out more.

Just a few of the sweet pumpkins we carved

Kemper has this new obsession/fascination with graveyards. He has been begging to go see one. So Grant was nice enough to take us to one by his house. I remember loving graveyards as a kid, I mean didn't everyone?? My husband tells me it is weird though.

He had Chad read the tombstones for him

Andi on the train going to the pumpkin patch

Kemper, Chad and Andi
Andi instisted on keeping her hood up, and you could not even see her.

We went up to Coeur d'Alene to see Chad's cousin Grant and his wife Shalie and their 3 kids.
They are so awesome, and we have been meaning to go visit them for a long time. With Chad working every weekend it is tricky. The kids had so much fun, and it is really beautiful up there. We went to the pumpkin patch, we had lots of good food. One of Shalie's friends babysat while we went to see Paranormal Activity. One that I would recomend if you like being genuinly scared out of your freaking mind. It was the scariest movie I have ever seen. And it doesn't help that Chad works at night so my first night alone was pretty bad. I am getting to be a sissy in my old age I think!
Like it always does the trip ended too soon. And I hope some day we can live closer to them so we can see them more. Thanks Grant and Shalie for the great time, and being so hospitable.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The pumpkin patch

I am really nervous about taking family pictures in a few weeks with Andi, she is over the picture thing
The Fife family
A rare moment when Kemp is sitting and enjoying the scenery!
Andi, perfectly happy sitting on a pumpkin
Mckay sitting with her
My favorite part of the night!! Chad and Kemp had gone hunting that day, and they had to meet us when they got done. So here they are getting out to the field just in time to help us pick out pumpkins :)
baby girl. Aka, Nora Fife
Kemp, really loving his sucker, and Andi on the swings. The only smile I caught on camera from her
Feeding the goat
My mom and me with Andi, on the flatbed
Riding back to have dinner, and go on more rides
I loved this picture. Chad looks totally mad. I was joking with him that it was probably because he was looking at the food prices, ha ha! Of course Andi is happy cause she is getting food.
Kemper, just happy to be there!

Another year, another trip to the Pumpkin patch. We love going, and my kids get so excited. It seems like the Patch just gets better and better every year too. They had more rides, and more food. So, more things you can spend money on!

Shaylan in The Sound Of Music

Shaylan came out to see us during intermission
The final curtain call
eating dinner before the play
Me, my sister, and Shay.
Last weekend my whole family (Chad had to work :( ) went to my niece shaylans play, the Sound Of Music. She is Bregeita, I know I didn't spell it right! She had the biggest part of the children, besides Liesel. She was amazing, I was so impressed. I knew she could sing amazingly, but acting is harder I think, but not for her! She has been at rehearsels almost every night during the week, they really take it seriously. It was so fun, and they served dinner too. The food was delicious, and I loved how we just sat at our tables while they put the play on.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Good burgers and good friends

Sommers, Cara, and Jessica
Kyle, little Ethatn and Teyan
Alisha, making Andi laugh
Jess, and a pregnant Krissy holding Ethan. Krissy is getting ready for her bundle of joy!
Reese is growing too fast! Holding her own bottle now
The twinkies for Tom's twinkie challenge
Startin off strong!
About five twinkies in, and realizing he couldn't do it! He had to eat the whole box in 10 minutes. Sounds easy right? Chad issued the challenge to Tom after he claimed he could do it. I think the time restraint made it hard. I lost some respect for ya Tom! Kidding :)
Andi, playing with Ethan.
The kids had a blast upstairs in the toyroom.
We had some friends over last weekend for a barbeque. It was going to be a say goodbye to summer bash. But of course it was freezing and raining :) Thank goodnes for the toyroom, cause all the kids went up there and we barely saw them the whole time. And everyone brought delicious food! It was a great way to end an amazing conference weekend.