Saturday, May 5, 2012

Camping twice in April! Steck Park and Grimes Creek (Lots of pictures)

 This is our first camping trip of the year at a place called Steck Park. It was a nice place but there are train tracks right across the river, so that was not so fun when they camerolling through at three in the morning blowing their horns!
 Kemp and Andi were great stick collectors for the fire
 As long as he could walk around outside Bridger was happy.
 MY husband doing his job keeping that fire going!!
 I pretty much followed him around for two days.
 I thought this was so cute! Bridge did not want to share his bike with our friends baby, Brock.
 "Yeah, this is my bike, don't get it twisted!!"  -Bridger
 Chad took the kids on his motorcycle, which they loved.

 Sean is a big Geocacher and he found a spot right by our campsite we could walk to and find
 Life is good
 On our way to Grimes Creek for our second camping trip of the season.
 I thought this was a great picture Amanda took of all of our trailers.  Best campsite cause we were all there together.  One big community campsite, and fire.
 We brought our 4 wheeler for this trip and it was so much better to have it.

 My two little boys
 Bridger + camping = TRUE LOVE.  He was in heaven.
 Chad with the kids doing some shooting
 Amanda with Kalie.  She was tuckered out
 Mia and Brock.  Poor Brock was not feeling great, but he was still such a good baby there
 Here is Kemper pretty much entertaining the kids!
 Chad, Mark and Andi (sitting with Mark)
 This is actually a picture of Chad on Mark's Four wheeler at Steck Park.
 All the men taking a break after a firewood finding trip.
 Chris and Chad, chopping some wood.  They did good, we never ran out.
 Andi, Kallie and Kambria hanging out on the mountain.
 Me hanging out with my fat dog!
 Sean and his pregnant wife Trista and their adorable little girl Lea. 
Chad has made some really great friends at Ada County.  They love to camp just like we do, I might even say they love it more! We have gone on two trips with them so far and it has been so much fun getting to know some of his friends from work and their spouses and kids. I can't wait till its even warmer and we can do some swimming.  I think they are already planning our next camping trip!


Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

We still need to go camping with you guys one day!! UM That cannot be baby Bridge?!! He is walking????? I am missing out on so much living so far away, it sucks!

Emily said...

Looks like fun.... I am not sure how I feel about you going on two camping trips in a row without us... I kinda feel like you are cheating on us. We better still be your favorite camping buddies :) and it would be just perfect if the Morgans came too!!!