Saturday, May 5, 2012

Random pictures

 I took some pictures and Andi and Bridge playing in some of the only snow that we got in Boise this winter. 

 These two have pretty much become best buddies over the past few months.  It is so cute to see Bridger just follow her around everywhere she goes, and of course she is loving the attention!
 I know I need to sand and re-paint this swing!
 He had a huge scab on his forehead from falling on the concret in our back yard.  The kid is ALWAYS wanting to be outside.

This is my brother Kip and I in Salt Lake the morning of the Salt Lake city marathon.  I only did the half, but Kip went all the way and did 26.2!  It was a fun weekend away with Chad.  I was lame and this is like the only picture I have to show for it!

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april said...

Way to go on running a half! I still need to check that off my list.

Your trip to McCall looked fun. So much snow! Your hair is so long and pretty ;)