Sunday, April 6, 2008

Chucky Cheese

Last night all the husbands went to Preisthood session, so me and my kids, Amy one of my sister in laws with her 4 kids, and my mom went to Chucky Cheese so the kids could play. Everyone had fun, and nobody was scared of Chucky! Usually one of the kids is crying because of him. I only got a few pictures and lately Kemp is doing this thing when I take pictures he won't do a normal smile. Does that make sense? It is strange. I know it sounds lame, but he has the cutest smile, and he like forgets how he smiles when the camera is out. I am sure most kids go through the weird smilling phase. Or maybe I am the weird one, it is possible. His yearly pics are coming soon so hopefully he gets his original cheese back for those pictures. Anyway it was great, I took the kids to the Gages after and put them to bed there. The boys came home and we hung out till late and watched Hot Rod. (a classic) Emily and Bretts house is awesome, and there is so much room to lay all the kids down.


Grant and Shalie said...

Your hair looks so cute! I love it. Sounds like you had fun at chucky cheese,your kids look so cute! I love Emily's house too, I think it is such a good size.
So, I'm guessing you took out your extensions, how does it feel?!
love ya

Brooke said...

I hear Shalie on the hair! Lookin hot hot hot!

mwaymo said...

Ummmmmm hello......who is like 2 streets away??? CALL ME!!!!

Erica said...

What cute kids!! I loved seeing a picture of your mom, too! I miss her. You have such a cute family!