Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Fife family McCall trip. warning: Lots of pictures!

Andi with her Dad
Kemper and Maddux, Kings of the mountain
Amy and Emma
Andi loved it outside, even though she looks like she is totally over it!
The cutest baby, Nora, and her mom Amy.
Kemper waiting to go sledding
My sexy husband with our kids and Emersen
We took a break from sledding for a kodak moment (I love him!)
Grandma and Andi waving at the camera
The coolest, and the most amazing parents a girl could ever hope for.
Andi really loved the hooky-bobbing this year
This is how we roll! All these were tied behind one 4-wheeler.
My brother Kip getting ready to take the kids around the block
The block around the cabin is perfect for hooky bobbing.
The boys hung out the whole time
When they weren't outside in the snow, they were playing  the Wii
My brothers Kip and Kyle having some tamales with Chad
Me, my momma, and my sister Kami
Kami is harassing Chad. She had a great time calling him a "Pig" all weekend. Those, "I smell some bacon" jokes just never get old
My niece Charli was pretty proud of her hair. So cute!
Andi snuggling her dad. one of her favorite things to do.
Bath time! These girls were inseperable the whole weekend
So there is a story behind this random picture. There was an ongoing debate about the what hot sauce is the best, and what to put it on, and the purpose of each sauce. I could write a freaking 5 page report on it, we all heard so much about them. Every 5 minutes they would start in on the hot sauce talk. Boys and girls definatly talk about different things.
So funny! They are kidding I promise! McKay is not really trying to stangle my son :)
Kami and Emersen at her big 8 year b-day party!!
The older girls dropped balloons on Emersen when she was done with her presents

What is a trip without endless hours of Catan.  Actually, they played Wii golf almost everynight until 2 in the morning.

Our weekend at the cabin in February with my family is always over way too fast. We had so much fun, and every year it just gets better and better.  I am so greatful to have such a great family. The funnest thing was for sure the hookey bobbing. We would hook up sleds and tubes behind the  4-wheeler and we would have kids rides, where we went slow and didn't take the corners too fast. And then we had adult rides, and we would kick the kids off, and we would go as fast as we could, and try our hardest to knock each other off the tubes. I wish I had some pictures of that. I have never laughed so hard in my life. The goal quickly became how to knock Chad off the tube cause he always seemed to hang on. I am happy to say, I did knock him off when I was driving. It is amazing that none of us adults (Shay and Emma included) have ever boken a bone. One of these years probably :) We did miss Valentines, but Chad and I decided to celebrate it this weekend with his B-day. But it was a fabulous weekend. When we pulled into our driveway after the drive home Andi started crying and saying "I want the cabin, go to the cabin" So much for Home sweet home!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super Bowl Party at the Fizers

This year Krissy had a big Superbowl Party at her house. Go Saints!! Not that I really cared that much. It was really fun, Krissy went all out with the food. And Grandpa Bruce did dogs, and a huge slab of meat. My pictures don't even begin to show all the great food we had. The kids ran around upstairs and had a blast. It was really great to have my husband around, he is loving his new job, and he is doing great with the training. He is busy thats for sure, but it is so great to have him at nights. Every single night! I am loving it. Thanks for having us over for a great party Krissy and Chris!

Monkeying around

I met a friend at a place called Monkey Buisness the other day. Her little boy Ben is Kempers age. They had a lot of fun. And I got to hang out with Kelli (she has a great name!) and we helped the Andi and her little girl Katie go on some of the things they couldn't reach.