Monday, November 8, 2010

Kemper's first Basketball Game

                                             Kemp and his cousin Maddux. They are on the same team.
                                                             Andi was their number 1 fan!
               Shaking hands after the game. We (the Broncos) beat the other team pretty good!
              My brother Kip is their coach! He better take them far, or I want my money back bro!
            Its pretty funny to watch these 1st graders try to play, especially since its their first game.
                                                    Put me in coach!! I won't let you down.
 The circle they do with the other team before every game.  All about peace, love and good sportmsmanship.         Ya, ya...lets play some ball!!!

I just love how the kid on the left is picking his nose as they are getting ready to do their broncos cheer.

So kemp started Y ball a couple weeks ago. Having never played, at all, it has been fun to see him learn. He is getting the hang of it. However, I might have to accept the fact that my first born might always be way more into outdoor sports (fishing, hunting, shooting, ect) then he will ever be in to competetive sports.  I want him to have all his options though, and he has fun, but does not have that desire that I see in some of the young boys on his team.  Maybe it is too young to tell, I have no idea, this is our first time with all of this.  And Basketball, soccer, or football might be his thing someday. I do see how he lights up when it comes to hunting, and fishing. Wich makes his dad proud, no doubt about that. And someday his wife might be grateful he could care less about fantasy football, or catching up on all his teams. ( Just like I am grateful Chad would rather watch Dexter with me, or go camping for the weekend!) But until then, I am loving watching him experience sports for the first time. And next we will try Karate, or Tao Kwan do.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just a few pictures from our Halloween Weekend

 Em J and Kemp were the last two standing on Halloween night. And they would have kept going, but I was so done!

 The kids are heading out to start their trick-or-treating. They pretty much ran the entire first street.
 Before everyone went out my Mom had some really fun games for the kids to play. Thanks Mom!
 After Trunk-or-treating the night before, Andi, Kemp, and Maddie had to check out the goods
                        My little puppy just wanted to be done with all the trunks so she could dig in!
                                                                            Hey there Jack Sparrow
                           Sommers and her cute little guy Slater. Sommers helped with the Trunk-or-treat activity
                I just had to get a picture of my brother Kip in his sweet costume. Notice the nipple.
 My Puppy, and my pirate. Kemp really wanted to stay in character. Although Jack Sparrow is not really this intense!
Andi's charms finally broke him down and he gave a little smile :)

Doesn't it always seem like Halloween last for a week, and not just a night? This year was really fun, but I am not sad to see the Holiday end. Probably because I am so large with child, and Chad had to work for all the festivities. And my kids have sooooo much candy, I am going to gain another 40 lbs from it! The two of them had a great time. And Andi really got it this year, which makes it even more fun.  Kemp is going through a Pirates of the Carribean phase (move over Indiana Jones) So I spent alot of time looking for the right peices for his comstume. So worth it though. He told me, "Mom people really thought I was the REAL Jack Sparrow! They didn't even know it was me...Kemper!"  :)

Pumpkin Patch

         Kemper, McKay, and Maddux. Kemp has a little hero worship going on with McKay. Can you tell??
           My brother Kip is so cute with Nora. He took her around looking for the perfect little pumpkin
                           Kemper Playing in the corn box. The only thing that is free anymore at the patch.
       Charlee and Andi. These two are inseperable. And yes, Andi is pretending to be a puppy....of course
                     Worst family picture ever! But it was the only one I got, so what can you do!
                                  My sister is really great with Andi. They are really close.
                            Chad and I. The sun was bright, so we had to squint, Which makes my husband   look a  little annoyed. :)

Grandma and Grandpa trying to take a big family picture. It was like pulling teeth for the kids. You would think they have never seen a pumpkin before.
It was time for annual pumpkin patch trip with my family. And it was a blast like it usually is.  A great way to get ready for all the fun Halloween stuff to come!