Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend

 Look what the easter bunny brought!!  I didn't get a picture of my kids in thier easter clothes though! I can't believe I forgot that.
 My kids LOVE bubbles. What kid doesn't though, right?

 Check out Bridgers huge double chin! He is waiting while his sister and brother go on an easter egg hunt. I just love this hat my friend Alisha made for him. So cute!
 After the easter egg hunt at Aunt Emilys neihborhood the kids stop to check out thier candy.
 Eli and Andi. Hey Cousin, what did you get??
 At G ma Sharon's Apartment complex for another Easter celebration. With dinner, Volleyball, and of course an egg hunt. The kids had a blast there. Here is Kemper with Luke, and Jake.
 Andi and Hudson. 3 1/2 and they still look like twins!
 Peyton, and Halle, at the playground at the apartment.
 Love this picture of Emily and little Macey.
 Almost all the cousins on the Hessing side. Bridger is not in this, and neither is Zach and Dixie's adorable little girl because they live in Elko.
 Andi is becoming such a little ham for the camera. It makes taking her picture so much more fun!
 Easter celebration at my mom and dads house.
 Kemper's eggs were the soccer balls.
 Each grand child had 10 eggs to find, in thier own color. Eliminates all conflict :)
 Snugglin up to Dad.
 All the cousins on the Fife side now.
 Emma, and Bridger

It was a great Easter Weekend. With way too much candy, and lots of cousins. I feel really blessed my kids have been lucky enough to have all the cousins from both sides of the family all living within 4 miles of each other. How amazing is that??  I am sure they will grow up thinking that is normal, but I know we are really fortunate to have so much amazing family. And Grandparents close by. I never had that, ( in the same town I should say) and I love that my kids are so close to thiers.  And my kids are getting old enough to understand the real meaning of Easter, and that is the best part of this whole weekend.


Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

I wish my kids were close to grandparents... it's hard. So glad you had such a great easter weekend! Looks like the kids had a great time!

Sharon said...

What a fun week-end!!! Such cute kids. Love them

Lindsey said...

Wow it has been a long time since I have kept up on much has happend....I am loving Bridger!!! What a little chunk, right?! So adorable! Wow and Kemper and Andi are growing up so fast!!! Cute fam though cuz!!