Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Man Trek!

The adventure begins!
A motorcyle, or an ATV for every single one of them. Spoiled boys
Chad and Kip at camp
This deer was not shy and hung out frequently with the guys
This is roughing it huh?! Kyle is in the hammock, probably reading some depressing, makes you want to end your life kind of book!! Kyle will know what I mean ;)
The best dad in the world. Catching up on current events!
Andi saying hi to her Uncle Kyle when they got home from the Trek.

For a few years now my brothers, my Dad, my brother in law Rick, and my husband, have been going on a Hiking, fishing, and camping adventure. In years past they have hiked in to their camp sites. And the hikes have not been easy. This year they thought it would be fun to take 4-wheelers, and Chad took his motorcycle. I think some of the boys couldn't handle the hike.....(Kyle ;) They all had a blast, and loved riding on the rugged terrain. My brothers didn't grow up with ATV's like Chad did. So Chad had to take all the 4-wheelers down some rough spots himself. And Across a pretty fast river. I love that I married such a manly man!! When they came home they were all like little sunburned boys telling me excitedly about the trek. I love this tradition they have, and someday soon we will have to start a couples trek too.
Good thing they take Chad with them every year

Friday, July 9, 2010

Round #3

So I figured it is time to put the good news on my blog. I am pregnant! Everything looks great, and we had our first ultra-sound a couple of weeks ago. I am 14 weeks now. Though, without sounding too whiny, this first trimester has been the longest first trimester ever. It must be my increasingly old age :) but I have been way sicker with this one. And getting fatter alot faster too....but I won't linger too long on that subject, ha ha, plus It makes loosing the baby weight that much sweeter right??

We are really excited. Kemper is asking me about the baby all the time. Right before we got pregnant he said to me, "Mom, why do we have such a small family? Most people have lots and lots of brothers and sisters" I  laughed and then said, we were working on it, but that we would never have a really big family. I think 3 is a great number for us. And lets face it, somedays 2 feels like a HUGE family :) I feel really blessed, and I pray everything continues to go well.

We will find out what we are having in August. I would really be happy either way, I do have one of both. Chad told me the other day, he has a strong feeling its a boy, and he has been right about the first 2 so we will see. I say, just come healthy and happy...and sleeping through the night!!! A Mom can dream right.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our First Week of July

Kemper and his cousin Kade. So cool
Kade and Kemper with Chase. These boys are pretty funny together
Shalie took these pictures of the kids with their 4th of July clothes on. The group ones did not turn our quite as well as we hoped. But they all still look adorable.
Chad with Kemper
Grant, attempting to look smart, and Chase
Kade, and Shalie
playing games at Strike Zone
The boys took the older kids 4-wheeling. It was raining and cold, but they still had fun. Shalie and I took Kenley and went shopping and got pedicures. I think we had more fun, for sure!
Such a trooper
Back home, Chad helping the kids with the fireworks
Hudson was a bit unsure about the fireworks. So he enjoyed them safely in Grandpas car :)

Andi with an extra long sparkler
It was a great way to start July. First a trip up to Couer'de lane to see some of our absolute favorite people, The Morgans. We probably see them every 6 months or so. And it is always a blast. And luckily, our kids get along really well. Of course we had to leave too fast for Chad to get back to work. So we headed home to Boise to do Fireworks with our families. We had dinner, and did some swimming at my Mom and Dad's. Then we headed over to Grandpa Bruce's house for some serious fireworks. Kemper is really into the 4th. and he has quite the collection of fireworks that he always keeps in our garage. It is so true that kids just make everything more fun.

Swimming fun and Lagoon

My Dad decided to jump in the boat with Kemper with all his clothes on. It was pretty funny watching him try to get out without getting wet.
Andi has become a little fish. Wich is good, cause we swim almost every day. As long as she has her HUGE floaties on she is good to go.
Aunt Maryellen with Kemper on the Merry-Go-Round at Lagoon. He loves her, thats for sure.
Kemper, Bryce, Andi, Mackayla, and Megan on the Log ride. (Andi was not diggin it)

We have been loving the summer! So much so, that I find it hard to sit down and update my blog. We went to Lagoon a few weeks ago. We stayed with The Silvers (my Aunt and Uncle) What a great time. It was perfect weather, and not too crowded. Aunt Maryellen came with us, and my cousin Shannon and her 3 kids met us there as well. Kemper went on every ride he possibly could, the only ride he doesn't like is the lame, cheesy Haunted ride. So crazy, the Collosus doesnt scare him, but the 2:00 min Haunted ride does.  Andi loves the small kid rides, she is not a daredevil like her brother thats for sure. She had so much fun though, she fell asleep in her stroller around 9:00 pm while Dad and Kemper went on some scary rides. It is always so great to see my family in Utah. And my kids have gotten so close with them it is great to see.