Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cabelas.......its not just for Dad anymore!

Andie and Kemp trying out one of the camping chairs. Andie found those sunglasses and insisted on wearing them the whole time we were there.
Always checking to see what brother is doing
They loved the tents, and went in every single one and tried them out. Tents are good, but I am really glad we have a trailer, I must admit.
Andie was fascinated with the fish, she could not get enough of them
Some kids might be hesitant around a huge stuffed polar bear, Andie wanted to go in and give him a kiss
This cot was so cool, I want to get one then maybe I would want to camp without our trailer, till I start thinking of how easy it would be for a bear to rip it open and eat could happen!! Chad and Andie where taking a little nap.
Andie inside a duck blind
Tonight we took the kids to Cabelas just for something to do. Chad goes at least once a week, and I know Kemper loves it too. So the girls came along too, and it was so fun. We spent over an hour in there just looking at everything. We might as well have gone to Lagoon.....not quite, but they still had a blast. Then Chad bought some fudge, and I bought some candy and we bribed the kids into leaving finally. It was really hard not to buy crocks for me and the kids, they have so many cute pairs there. They are like 30.00$ a pair, wich is a little crazy for shoes they will grow out of in a few months anyway. So if you are bored on a Saturday night, there is always Cabelas!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Day

Kemper and Maddux after the egg hunt at my parents house

This picture is funny, we were joking about Amy being pregnant, and Kip looked down at her cute belly and said, "you are pregnant?!"
Glad my brother married such an awesome woman
Kemp and Maddie showing us all the candy they got
Andie climbing up the steps my husband redid
The closest thing to a smile I can get out of her when the camera is out
My family at easter dinner
All the kids on the Hessing side posing for easter pictures
brother giving sis a kiss
Andie with her blasted binki!!!
Aunt Krissy keeping the kids entertained with bubbles
Sharon (hiding from the camera) Dixie, and Zach
Some of Chad's fam eating and enjoying the great weather
Kenzie holding the newest addition to the family, baby Reese. She looked so adorable, although she wasn't too happy in this picture.
Andie and Dad before Church. This picture was all I had time to take! I have got to do better next year with the family picture thing on easter.
It is so great having both our families together on the holidays. The only thing that is not great some of the time, is having to divide our time to make it to both houses. And having way to much delicious food at both places, and you get too full so you can't enjoy it. But if that is all I have to complain about, I will take it!! We started the day with decorating eggs, then most important of all, we went to church, and remembered the Saviour. Later in the day we headed to Krissy's for our first huge Easter meal. It was great, and the kids had a blast of course. Sadly we had to leave before the key lime pie :( But we spent the rest of the evening at my parent's house. We have an easter egg hunt for the kids, and then one for the adults. Every couple found an egg with 50.00 $ this year! So awesome! Now we have way to much candy, but it was a really great day.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Teyan's Birthday

The girls
Emily was telling Jess how sexy I am.....Lol!
What is a party without Rockband!?
Tom and Alisha brought their adorable little girls, and this is Tom helping Eden with the Wii
Our Partini game. Wich the girls totally won!
This is funny cause I had just hit Tom in the back of the head with one of the balls. I had meant to hit Brett but he ducked! Hope there is no permanent damage :)
Last night was so much fun. We all went out to Goodwood for dinner, and then everyone came back to our house for games and cheesecake. (wich was delicious) We all get pretty crazy when we are together, and we laugh so hard. I am grateful for great friends, that are hilarious as well. And I am glad T is another year older so we can celebrate his Birthday! Happy Birthday!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Entertainer of the Year!!

How would you even walk? They probably had to dress her on stage during a comercial! The white dress below is soooo much better.
Yes, I am seriously doing another Carrie post!! I wasn't going to, but then she won female vocalist of the year, again. And she won Entertainer of the year. Wich is a huge deal. Only like 7 woman have won this award ever. The last to win was the Dixie Chicks in 2000. It has been almost a completely male catagory. Kenny Chesney has won it 4 years straight, so I was thinking he would take it again. So I was jumping up and down (sad, but true) when she won. Her speech was really sweet, she is still so humble and unasuming. I would post the youtube of her acceptance speech, but I didn't want to come off as obsessive :) She had 4 or 5 dress changes though out the night. I was not feeling that burgandy dress she performed in. It was seriously distracting.......maybe I am the only one who hated the dress, even Carrie makes fashion mistakes I guess. She is still fabulous!